43 Best Swedish Boy Names for your Little Prince!

swedish boy names

swedish boy names

Swedish boy names have such a presence to them. While some can be unique, they are still classic and handsome choices for your new little prince.

There are both Swedish names and also names that are popular in Sweden on this list. Some of them even I was surprised to see were Swedish!

I hope you love this curated list of Swedish names for boys.

The Best Swedish Boy Names:

swedish boy names

  1. Alexander
  2. Alrik
  3. Ambrosius
  4. Arvid
  5. Axel
  6. Barsilius
  7. Basle
  8. Bjorn
  9. Elias
  10. Emil
  11. Evert
  12. Filip
  13. Fredrik
  14. Frank
  15. Greger
  16. Henry
  17. Hugo
  18. Isak
  19. Jeremia
  20. Josef
  21. Justinus
  22. Kalle
  23. Klemens
  24. Liam
  25. Loui
  26. Lukas
  27. Melvin
  28. Nansen
  29. Nils
  30. Olin
  31. Olle
  32. Oliver
  33. Oscar
  34. Paulo
  35. Pelle
  36. Rickard
  37. Rickert
  38. Simson
  39. Stellan
  40. Sten
  41. Theodor
  42. Viktor
  43. William


Do you have a favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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swedish boy names


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