59 Unique Swedish Girl Names Everyone Will Love!

swedish girl names

swedish girl names

Swedish girl names strike that perfect balance between being unique and timeless at the same time.

They are different, without sounding trendy or silly, and will stay classy as the bearer grows up.

Because, let’s face it, sometimes a name sounds perfect when you’re staring at a squishy, tiny baby in your arms… but what about when she grows into a woman? You want the name to suit her then, too.

Plus, Swedish names are wonderful if you want something international – a name that will sound pretty when pronounced in many different languages.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Swedish girl names:

The Best Swedish Girl Names:

swedish girl names

  1. Adela
  2. Agnes
  3. Alva
  4. Anneka
  5. Anneli
  6. Antonetta
  7. Atalie
  8. Berget
  9. Bertie
  10. Birdie
  11. Brita
  12. Britt
  13. Britta
  14. Carina
  15. Charlotta
  16. Dahlia
  17. Dana
  18. Denim
  19. Elin
  20. Ella
  21. Eleonor
  22. Elsa
  23. Erika
  24. Emma
  25. Filippa
  26. Henrika
  27. Hillevi
  28. Juni
  29. Kaja
  30. Karila
  31. Kersten
  32. Klara
  33. Linnea
  34. Lova
  35. Lovisa
  36. Malin
  37. Maja
  38. Marna
  39. Miah
  40. Mikaela
  41. Mira
  42. Nova
  43. Novalie
  44. Pixie
  45. Rakel
  46. Saga
  47. Sif
  48. Susann
  49. Solvi
  50. Sybilla
  51. Teodora
  52. Teresia
  53. Tove
  54. Tova
  55. Tyra
  56. Vilma
  57. Wera
  58. Wilma
  59. Yolande


So cute! Which one is your favorite? I love so many of them, such as Klara, Linnea and Mikaela. Have you ever known a girl named Denim? Love it!

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swedish girl names


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