Is the Veer Cruiser Worth It? Find Out Now!

veer cruiser
veer cruiser

That’s right. Mama got a Veer. I had someone ask me – “How could you pay that much for a wagon?”

It’s alright; I forgave them.

After all, I thought that, too…. at first. And then, it happened.  I was casually walking in to a cafe while we were vacationing in Hawaii, and there she was – in all her glory – a Veer Cruiser. 

And, oh, yeah, some kids in it and the parents, too. But, really, it was the Veer I was looking at.

But, two minutes talking with her about how the Veer had changed her life completely, and how it was the ONLY stroller/wagon/anything they had brought on vacation with their two kids – I knew two things for certain:

1. This was more than a wagon
2. I needed it in my life. ASAP.

Being the totally reasonable person that I am, I rationalized this purchase by asking for the Veer as an anniversary gift.

Mama don’t want no diamonds, I said. MAMA WANTS A SPARKLY VEER CRUISER. 

And let me tell you this: theVEER CRUISER is a game-changer, folks.

Besides the super obvious street cred it will give you (people WILL be staring), it really does offer a lot of options that a stroller or traditional wagon doesn’t.

Why You Need the Veer Cruiser in Your Life:

veer cruiser
  1. ENTERTAINMENT:Your chillin’ will face each other. In any double stroller situation, there is some kind of staggered approach out of necessity. Even with our Orbit stroller with the skateboard, my son is occupied on the skateboard, but my daughter isn’t happy unless she is facing forward. Not in the Veer – oh no. In the Veer, they can ENTERTAIN EACH OTHER. You feel me?
  2. ALL-TERRAIN: The ride is like butter. Smooth as silk. The big thick tires tackle any terrain with ease. You will not get stuck anywhere. This baby is the Range Rover of Wagons. It goes where no other wagon can go. Don’t let your wagon hold you back, people.
  3. KID-APPROVED: The seats fit a wide range of ages. My kids are 3.5 years apart. They both love the Veer. Find me ANYTHING ON EARTH that can say the same thing. That’s right.
  4. RESPONSIVE: The steering is so easy. Listen, I talk a big game, but I’m a shrimp. We’re talking limited upper body strength here. Trust me when I say – if I can push this thing, ANYBODY CAN PUSH THIS THING. 
  5. Easy to clean. Easy to clean. Easy to clean. Easy to clean. Easy to clean.
  6. ACCESSORIES: There are lots of attachments so you can customize what YOU need. We bought 4 extra couple holders. It’s just who we are. I’m okay with it.
  7. COMPACT: Collapses down easily and fits in any trunk where you can fit a double stroller. In fact, I don’t even keep my double in the trunk anymore – but I’ve ALWAYS got my VEER. Just push the button to lock the wheels and it doesn’t roll anywhere.
Listen, I could sing the praises of this thing all day long. The bottom line is – it has improved the quality of our lives with its easy of use, durability, comfort, and popularity with my kids.
ANYTHING that can do that is worth every penny.  Get your VEER on, folks. We got ours on Amazon, because #PRIME.

Find it here and report back with how much you love it. 

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Have a fabulous day,

veer cruiser

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