Fab Deal$: The Regina Andrews Aged Blue Beaded Chandelier Trend You’ll Love!

beaded chandelier

beaded chandelier

The beaded chandelier trend is here in a big way. When I picked the gorgeous beaded Francesca light for our bedroom when we moved in a few years ago, there wasn’t nearly as many options for beaded chandeliers as there are today.

While showing people the house, that light always garnered a lot of responses like, “Wowa, are those wooden beads?”

Yes, yes they are.

The wooden beads take a chandelier shape that would normally be very glam and give it a boho, softened look for a more muted effect – while still making a big impact.

Of course now you can get beaded chandeliers in all shapes and styles – from waterfall designs to ombre effects that make you do a double take.

Let’s check out a fab deal you won’t believe (affiliate links used):

The Infamous Blue Beaded Chandelier:

One beaded chandelier, the aged blue Regina Andrews light has earned itself a cult-like following.

beaded chandelier

I can’t say I blame them – this grayish blue beaded chandelier is gorgeous, eye-catching, but still neutral enough to blend with many color stories.

But, the high price tag is a bit prohibitive for some. Luckily, you can shop the look for less and still get the idea. Just look at this stunning age blue beaded chandelier, often found for under $400! What a steal!

beaded chandelier

Shop The Look:

If these lights are a bit over the top for your more refined, modern palette, you can still enjoy the beaded chandelier look.

I rounded up a bunch of aged blue and blue beaded chandeliers in a variety of price points.



Are you a bargain shopper or do you like to buy exactly the right piece that you want? Either way, you can have a home you love for a price you can afford!

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beaded chandelier


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