5 Incredible Celery Juice Benefits for Gut Health!

celery juice benefits

It’s been over a year since I first committed to trying the celery juice trend every morning for two weeks – and then wrote about it. Since then, my celery juicing journey has started and stopped a few times, but otherwise, remained almost completely the same ever since.

You’d think I’d get sick of drinking cups of concentrated celery juice every morning (trust me, I do) or of the cost associated with going through multiple packs of celery a week (sick of that one, too), but every time I cut celery juicing from my diet – I start to see some issues creep back up. I never go longer than a couple weeks before I’m stocking up (pardon the pun) on celery once again.

So, I thought it was about time I write a follow-up post on the benefits of celery juicing – not as a medical site that just copies what celery juice could theoretically do for you, but as a human being that actually chugs the green stuff every day and knows for realsies what it’s actually doing. That way, if you’ve ever considered jumping on the celery juice bandwagon, you could see what the experience is actually like.

First, What Is Celery Juice?

Just to be clear on what I mean by “celery juice” – it’s actually celery I have juiced using my juicer (I’ve used this one for years and love it – it’s also an affiliate link). There is absolutely nothing added to it at all – no other fruits, vegetables, additives, extracts, or sugars of any kind. Straight celery juice.

Tips for Celery Juicing:

celery juice benefits

In case you’re wondering, no it does not taste very good. A whole pack of celery makes about 12-16oz. and I find that drinking half of that one day and then refrigerating the second half for the next day is the best way to go. Drink too much and you won’t be able to leave the house much. I use these cups that come with lids, so I can just pop a lid on it and put it in the fridge.

You want to drink it first thing, before anything else and then wait 30 minutes to eat or drink anything else. Drink it fast, don’t sip it – just drink it and be done with it. Trust me. Get the rest in the refrigerator ASAP so it doesn’t start to separate and get gross.

For more dos and don’ts, read my first post which chronicles tips for how to start celery juicing.

Health Benefits of Celery Juice:

celery juice benefits

1. Celery Juice Improves Digestion:

The most important side effect of drinking celery juice is that it is really great for gut health and digestion. If you have stomach aches, cramps, digestive distress, inflammation, IBS, or anything else in that wheelhouse, you might really appreciate how effective celery juicing is at improving digestion for your whole digestive system.

I actually find that after quitting the juice for a week or so, I start to feel my digestion really slow down. It’s like the celery juice keeps the whole system young and the metabolism going.

You can also check out my post with 5 natural remedies for stomach pain!

2. Celery Juice Reduces Inflammation:

If you have any autoimmune diseases, like me, you’re accustomed to a regular amount of inflammation that roams around your body from day to day. One day it’s in your digestive system, one day it’s in your ankles, the next day your esophagus is inflamed and you can literally feel your food going down. Some days it’s everywhere (hello flare!). Been there; felt that.

I find that celery juice is excellent at reducing overall inflammation. If we wanted to get all science-y, there are two antioxidants in celery, luteolin and apeginin, which have been proven in studies to reduce inflammation and have been used to help treat inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis, asthma, rhinitis, and inflammatory brain diseases. In my opinion, if it can help with those things, it can help with pretty much any time of inflammation – you know what I mean?

I can personally say that I do feel a difference when I am regularly drinking my celery juice. That’s why it’s part of my total inflammation reduction action plan. I’ve written quite a bit about other steps I take to reduce inflammation, but if you’d be interested in learning more – here are some posts to check out:

3. Celery Juice Is Nutritious:

It may not taste like much when you’re eating it pre-juicing (trust me, you’ll taste it when you juice it), but it actually packs a major nutritional punch! While it has less than 50 calories for a cup of celery juice, you’ll get protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, folate, fiber, and tons of vitamins like vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamins B-2 and B-6, and vitamin C.

I actually wrote a whole post on the importance of magnesium and how I supplement with that, too. So, by drinking your celery to ease digestive inflammation, you’ll also be giving your body some much-needed phytonutrients, antioxidants and vitamins! Yay!

4. Celery Juice Protects Against Cancer:

Because of the reduction in inflammation, you’re automatically supporting your body in being able to fight against illness and cancer. But, in addition to that, luteolin has been shown in some studies with mice to halt the growth of some cancer cells (source)! That’s amazing!

If you’re looking for even more cancer-fighting natural remedies, you’ve got to try adding turmeric to your diet! I use turmeric every day, both in supplement and spice form and can absolutely say that I feel a difference when I take it. Read my post on the benefits of turmeric, too.

5. Celery Juice Is a Powerful Natural Remedy:

I have known people who have used celery juicing as a potent natural remedy for common problems, such as headaches, skin inflammation, and much more.

One of my good friends has fibromyalgia and says she really notices a difference when she regularly drinks celery juice.

Another friend could not get rid of inflammatory acne and then started drinking celery juice and saw huge changes in her skin and healing of her acne!

If you experience swelling in your throat and esophagus, conditions like esophagitis, GERD, acid reflux and more – you’ve got to try celery juice!

What About Side Effects?

Celery juicing rarely has side effects. However, if you do try it and you do have an allergic reaction or feel worse, stop drinking it. Or, if you’re under the care of a medical team, check with them first to make sure it won’t interact with your medications.

Every person is different and nothing is a miracle cure. While celery juice is one protocol that I have had success with, that does not mean I believe it is right for everyone. Know that you’re trying these things at your own risk and you need to listen to your body, trust your medical team, and advocate for your own health.


I hope this post gives you more insight into my personal journey with celery juicing! I am always hopeful that by sharing my own experiences, I can help light the way for another person who is looking to harness the power of food and nature to help their body heal as much as possible.

Take care of yourselves and fight for your health!

Have a fabulous day,




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