10 Best Anti-Inflammatory Supplements for When You Have an Autoimmune Disease – Updated for 2024!

anti-inflammatory supplements

1 in 5 women are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease – did you know that?

One of the most powerful ways we can bolster our bodies against developing these diseases is through what we eat. So, today, we are talking about the anti-inflammatory supplements that help fight inflammation.

I’ve talked a little bit about my own autoimmune disease journey here on the blog and one reason I share about it is because I have spent years learning as much as I can and studying natural remedies and lifestyle changes that can have a huge impact on our bodies ability to heal.

So, I want to share some of the anti-inflammatory supplements that have helped me regain strength, fight and reduce flare-ups, and live my best life.

But, first…

What Is Inflammation?

Healthy inflammation is the body’s necessary response to injury or infection – but when inflammation goes rogue, the body gets confused and starts attacking healthy tissue.

If you’re struggling with any health issues, it’s likely you have an excess of inflammation in your body. If you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, you probably have a lot of it.

Here’s a great article on inflammation if you would like some more background.

Supplements That Help Fight Inflammation:

Let’s get to the good stuff! These are the tried and true supplements I take almost every day to cool the inflammation inferno and help my immune system right the ship.

First, though, I’d like to do a little housekeeping: I am not a medical professional, nor am I attempting to give you any medical advice. Always be sure to do your own research and discuss new supplements with your doctor or team of medical professionals, particularly if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. 

These are the actual supplements I take regularly – no mumbo jumbo or products shoved in here because they are paying me. And, at the end of the post, I share my daily routine for what I take, when I take it, and how much I take.

The Best Anti-Inflammatory Supplements:

1. Turmeric/Curcumin with Black Pepper:


One of the most effective natural remedies for fighting free radicals and inflammation in the body is turmeric with black pepper.

While you can eat or drink your turmeric, I don’t care for the taste in large enough doses to make a difference. So, I use supplements to get the powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Plus, our body absorbs and can use much more when combined with black pepper, another food I don’t love eating. This made pill supplementation the best choice for me.

After trying many brands, there are two types of turmeric supplements that I saw the most difference with. Turmeric helps with relieving pain, helping reduce swelling in joints, cleansing and flushing out toxins, and helping fight infections. You can read more about the health benefits of turmeric in this post, too.

You may need to up the dose to 2 to 4 pills a day, depending on your pain level, but start with one to make sure it doesn’t upset your stomach.

2. Liver Support Blend

anti-inflammatory supplements

If your body has inflammation, there’s a good chance your liver is not cleansing properly. This can very quickly cause gut issues, fatigue, breakouts, and more. So, a liver cleanse blend can really help your liver detoxify and work optimally.

This particular liver blend is my personal favorite and contains:

  • Milk Thistle, to protect liver cells
  • Selenium, supports healthy thyroid function
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid, binds to free radicals so they can flush out
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine; a glutathione precursor

This liver blend capsule supports optimal liver function, bile production, and detoxification of the liver. I definitely notice a difference when I take this and if I stop for a bit, I’ll start to see and feel the absence of it.

UPDATE 2023: I’ve recently changed my liver detox supplement to this one by Hum Nutrition:

hum nutrition

Currently, I take one of these at night. I share more about why I made the switch to this liver detox supplement in this post here. Mostly, this formula also contains other seriously powerful anti-inflammatories, such as chlorella, spirulina, and much more.


3. Cod Liver Oil

anti-inflammatory supplements

I know, this one sounds disgusting. But, the health benefits of CLO cannot be ignored. It’s one of the first supplements I started taking.

The reason CLO is such a powerful anti-inflammatory is the high levels of Vitamin A and D. Here’s a short list of some of the other ways that CLO can help with chronic pain and inflammation:

  • Improves joint pain and Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms
  • Supports Eye Health
  • Reduces heart disease risk
  • Improves symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • May help heal stomach ulcers

Here is a great, super-easy read on the 9 health benefits of cod liver oil. Definitely worth a look over for more information on all of the above.

As for brand, again – it matters. I’ve tried a few highly rated ones and settled on this one. I took anywhere from 1 to 6 capsules, depending on symptoms:

This particular formulation also contains the concentrated butter oil, which helps the body absorb and utilize the minerals, increasing the benefits and repair to teeth, bones and tissue.

I won’t lie to you – it’s not delicious. That’s why I gave up on the liquids and just take capsules. Take them with food in the morning or there is an aftertaste. Read more about how I take this supplement and use other products to improve the health of my teeth.

4. Seeking Health Active B12 with L-5 Folate

anti-inflammatory supplements

After being diagnosed with an MTHFR mutation – it became even more important for me to motherload the cleanest form of folate, combined with B12, for the most active form of folate.

The health benefits for taking these two essential nutrients are many, but here is a short list:

  • Supports hemoglobin production
  • Supports energy production, methylation processes and red blood cell levels*
  • Potent Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) and methylfolate in absorbable lozenge format.
  • Vitamin B12 is crucial to the formation of healthy red blood cells, energy production, nervous system support, and cognitive health.

Particularly if you’re wanting to get pregnant, are pregnant, or have been pregnant, restoring your folate and vitamin B12 is even more critical.

5. Dr. Myer’s L-Glutamine

anti-inflammatory supplements

L-Glutamine is super important for anyone concerned with the following:

  • Leaky Gut
  • Inflammation
  • Food sensitivities
  • Autoimmune diseases

Ever heard of the Leaky Gut? This is even more of an issue for those with an autoimmune disease, as so many people suffering from them are on pharmaceuticals to manage symptoms and pain, which further wreaks havoc on the gut flora and lining.

L-Glutamine is super important for balancing the bodies insulin response, which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, as well as helping to maintain a healthy gut barrier – and preventing leaky gut syndrome. 

L-Glutamine also helps with:

  • Supports healthy pancreatic function
  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Balance stress hormone levels, such as cortisol
  • Supports thyroid and immune system health
  • Supports muscle tissue repair
  • Abundant amino acids help repair muscle tissue after workouts

You can read a lot more about all of this here, where you can also order my favorite L-Glutamine supplement: 

6. Probiotics

I think most people have heard about the health benefits of taking a high quality probiotic.I’ve recently switched over to this probiotic and love it. I take one at night. I wrote more about what’s in this and why I made the switch in this post here.


7. Thera Tears Eye Nutrition

anti-inflammatory supplements

One of the autoimmune diseases I have been diagnosed with is called Sjogren’s Syndrome. In addition to the typical autoimmune symptoms, I get the added bonus of inflammation in my eyes, sinuses, and salivary glands, which results in extremely dry eyes, sinuses, and throat/esophagus.

The moisture that is supposed to be created in our eyes and face flushes down throughout our whole body, so you can imagine that if your eyes are like sandpaper, that creates a lot of collateral damage.

This supplement that was specifically designed for eye health and promoting healthy tears. One of my former opthmalogists recommended it to me and I really feel it works.

Three capsules of the Thera Tears contains:

  • Natural, plant-based formula with Tea Tree Oil
  • Optimized blend of Organic flaxseed oil
  • Triglyceride form of fish oil
  • Vitamin E

So, basically it’s a really easy way to get all the different nutrients needed for promoting healthy tears. I continue to go to the eye doctor every 6 months to test tear levels, and as of today, I haven’t had any dry patches or needed to upgrade to a pharmaceutical eye drop yet.

If you do suffer from Sjogren’s Syndrome or just have really dry eyes, I highly recommend these eye drops. Also, check out my post on the best products for dry eyes, including Sjogren’s.

8. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion

anti-inflammatory supplements

Magnesium is another critical nutrient for optimal health.

Magnesium is responsible for over 600 reactions in our body. Here is just a short list of ways magnesium helps:

  • Every cell in the body needs it to function
  • Helps with energy creation
  • Helps with DNA and RNA
  • Helps with muscles – movements, contractions, etc.
  • Helps nervous system regulation – which is why magnesium can be used to help fight anxiety, depression, etc.
  • Helps with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Helps prevent migraines
  • Helps with insulin resistance
  • Helps with PMS symptoms

I talk more about the many health benefits of magnesium in this post, too. \

Lotions are a very effective way to get the benefits of magnesium very quickly. Plus, if you’re pregnant or just suffering from leg cramps – rubbing this lotion on your calves and lower legs will help tremendously with relaxing those muscles. I talk more about how I use magnesium for helping with leg cramps and sleep in this post. 

This is the absolute best lotion I’ve tried. Some of them have made me shaky or have stomachaches, so I would really recommend starting with this one.

APPLICATION: Two pumps on your upper arms and two pumps on your calves and lower legs at night, before bed. You’ll sleep better, be more relaxed, and be giving your body much needed magnesium.

Another great way to get magnesium is in pill form. I take two of this magnesium supplement at night before I go to bed.

magnesium supplement

I also share about how I use magnesium in my post on 5 natural remedies for stomach pain and bloating. Check it out.

9. Digestive Enzymes:

HUM flatter me digestive enzymes

I have never been a person with a perfectly flat stomach, no matter what I did or how much weight I lost, so I didn’t worry too much about a little bloating here and there. But in the last couple of years, I’ve really noticed it get out of hand. If I eat, pretty much anything, I notice bloating, digestive discomfort, etc. I’ve removed so many foods from my diet, but at a certain point, you just have to eat something and the aftermath of pain and bloating would just make me cringe.

I started reading about digestive enzymes and noticed a recurring theme with Flatter Me popping up, so I ordered it. I take one pill with my main meals and it has been a really great addition to my arsenal. Flatter Me uses 18 full-spectrum digestive enzymes to help break down food for better digestion and reduced bloating. It actually, really, noticeably works. At least for me. If you’re struggling with the same thing, or you’re a woman of a certain age (ahem!) and need more support, check it out. I think you might really like it.


10. L-Lysine: 

how to get rid of a cold sore

One thing that can happen with both Lupus and Sjogren’s is mouth sores, similar to cold sores. They’re very painful and can take awhile to heal. Not to mention, they look like you’ve been punched in the mouth, so it’s quite unsightly. Luckily, I found a natural remedy that has completely stopped this from happening – at least for me. I stay consistent with this, because I really hate it when I have inflammation in my mouth.

Lysine is a powerful natural ingredient that helps with wound healing and the absorption of minerals like calcium. Scientists think that it combats cold sores by blocking the production of another amino acid called arginine, which inhibits the virus and, therefore, outbreaks. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory, which helps with autoimmune related inflammation as well.

Taking a daily dose of 500mg-1000mg is safe for most people (although check with your doctor if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a known medical condition).

Personally, I take one 500mg pill a day now. I started taking it when I was in the middle of a bad flare and started with 3,000mg until it was gone. I am not a doctor, but here’s an article I used to help me determine a dose for myself.

To read more about how I use L-Lysine, read this post. 


10. Vitamin D3: 

vitamin D3

This is a new addition for me, but I discovered that I am deficient in Vitamin D3. Common symptoms of deficiency are fatigue, muscle weakness, muscle cramps, brittle bones, anxiety and more. For me, the biggest indicator that I needed more vitamin D3 was anxiety. When paired with magnesium, vitamin D3 is especially effective at supporting our mood regulation and helping with symptoms of anxiety, so since I already take magnesium daily, I added in Vitamin D3 to get the extra benefits.

Plus, Vitamin D3 helps our bodies absorb calcium, which is so great bone health. I added in one capsule of Vitamin D3, but you can use liquid versions that you just drop into your water if you’re overwhelmed with supplements.


How To Choose Anti-Inflammatory Supplements:

When it come to supplements, the ingredients do matter.

Sometimes it can be a simple combination of ingredients that is especially effective or an extraction method that makes one better than another.

If you have an autoimmune disease or chronic health issues,  your body is already struggling to effectively flush toxins from the body, and it is even more important for you to select supplements from reputable companies who use the right ingredients, combinations and extraction methods.

So, be particular about your supplement choice.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’re better off with a couple high quality supplements to start, rather than a whole bin of the other kind.

This is an article on the most trustworthy supplement brands that has been SO HELPFUL to me on my journey.

My Daily Supplement Regimen:

anti-inflammatory supplements

If your brain is swimming with all these different supplements, I feel you. It takes a bit to find what works for you and in what quantities. I’m sharing what I currently do, although I do change it up depending on what I have in stock at the moment and how my body is feeling. More pain? I up my turmeric and magnesium.

When starting a new supplement protocol, start one at a time and use it for a few days to see if you have a reaction. Then, if there isn’t a negative reaction after a few days or a week, add another supplement, and so on.

Morning Supplements:

  • 3 Thera Tears capsules
  • Usually a smoothie that has some hemp, collagen, flax, and other superfoods. Here is one of my superfood smoothie recipes that I like. I also really like this one. 

Mealtime Supplements:

Nighttime Supplements:

  • In the evening, after dinner, I usually takes these supplements with a little bit of food, like an unsweetened, organic apple sauce:
    • Turmeric – one capsule
    • Magnesium – two capsules
    • Daily Cleanse – one capsule
    • Gut Health/Probiotic – one capsule
    • L-Lysine – one capsule
    • L-Glutamine – one capsule
    • Folate/B12 – one capsule (dissolves in your mouth)
    • Vitamin D3 – one capsule (small gel capsule, so easy to take)

*I am currently taking a break from cod liver oil. It began to upset my stomach.


BOOM Baby – we DID IT. Are you still with me? You’re amazing.

Have you taken any of these before? Do you have a favorite not on this list? Share it with us in the comments below! Oh, and if you know anyone who could benefit from this list – will you share it? It takes a village.

Have a fabulous day,




  1. February 19, 2020 / 9:41 pm

    Tumeric has been gaining more and more recognition as an anti inflammatory in recent times and well worth a look I think.

    Great post


    • Erica
      April 13, 2023 / 10:17 am

      yes, turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory! I take it every day!

  2. September 10, 2021 / 5:14 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing! I was recently diagnosed with Sjogrens and I’ve spent months researching it and the best natural products to manage the symptoms. You really have a great list of supplements here and I can personally vouch for the effects of collagen on my skin (regardless of what the research says … and I’m a research scientist. LOL)
    Keep up the great work. So glad to have discovered you.

    • Erica
      September 26, 2021 / 7:13 pm

      I am so glad this helped you, Donna! I really hope that you’re able to find the right combination of supplements and lifestyle changes to get some relief!! I have a lot of content like this on the blog and more coming, because I know how isolating this experience can be and hope I can help. All the best, Erica

  3. Leslie
    April 2, 2023 / 4:06 pm

    Thank you so much for this post. It was the first one I scrolled upon as I start my homeopathic journey. I have been seeing doctors for over a year and a half without a diagnosis yet. My ANA numbers go up and down, and I have a lot of inflammation, especially in my arms, ankles, feet, face, and legs. Pain level varies depending on the inflammation. Let me add that I am always exhausted but sleep way more than I need to, and my energy level is with me in my brain, but not at all physically. I have vitamin deficiencies in Ds, Bs, and folate. Reading what these supplements help with, they all seem to be a fit for me. I am definitely going to research where to start, and this post gave me a positive outlook on finding a plan for me.

    • Erica
      April 10, 2023 / 8:19 am

      I’m really glad it made you feel less alone. I get a lot of emails from people who are also experiencing what you and I are. The good news is that adjusting what you eat, drinking lots of water, the right supplements and gentle exercise should help you slowly start to feel better. And, hopefully, you can find a doctor who can diagnose you and potentially get you on a treatment plan as well. Take care of yourself and feel free to check out a lot of my other posts on living with autoimmune diseases.

  4. Renee
    April 4, 2024 / 12:30 pm

    Wonderful help – thank You so much for sharing.
    I was never sick in my life – but 4 y ago, caused by deep running emotional set back I got “blessed” overnight with my body attacking my own body – Auto-Imun, RA, Sjogren –
    I don’t like drugs – so I started step by step healing myself with the healthiest food, chemical free, fresh, and as natural as I could afford, dropped gluten, casein, lectins [by Dr.Gundry] and last year I was totally pain free. I order now from Public Square = directly from the farmer, grass fed, free range and pharma free.
    Lots of the vitamins you list are on my daily program as well, I added Gelatin & Collagen [Great Lakes Wellness] for my aching joints.
    My stomach started complaining about all the capsules so I switched to trans-thermal patches from PatchMD, that works real well for me or I use Radioncs treatments to get the homeopathic remedies energetically into my body – anything to help my darling body to release the stress, heal itself.
    I used the Magnesium spray [slightly messy] – but will switch to your suggestion of their cream, Thank You
    To all out there – thank You for sharing, we never stop learning!
    Love, Light and Good Health to ALL !

    • Erica
      April 8, 2024 / 12:59 pm

      I’m so glad you found this post. I hope something in it brings you some relief. You already sound like you’re making great progress toward healing your body, which is amazing!!I feel you on the stomach complaining with the capsules, I have that issues, too, and I’m looking into transitioning some of them to liquids or patches as well.

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