73 Charming Classic Boy Names That Never Go Out of Style!

classic boy names

classic boy names

I love classic, timeless things – from baby names to personal style. And, considering the success of my vintage girl names post, I think you do, too.

So, today, we are looking at the list of old-fashioned, handsome boy names that never go out of style.

Many classic names for boys top the most popular list of names year after year, because there’s just something about a vintage name that ages like a fine wine.

Plus, classic names give kids the least limits. No matter where they go or what they do in life, a classic name will help them make a great first impression.

Let’s take a look at this curated list of the most charming classic boy names.

Best Classic Boy Names:

classic boy names

  1. Aaron
  2. Abel
  3. Abraham
  4. Adam – One of my all-time favorite names. I mean – hello Adam Levine!
  5. Alexander
  6. Allen
  7. Andrew
  8. Andy
  9. Anthony
  10. Benjamin – All Ben’s are awesome.
  11. Bradley
  12. Brian
  13. Caleb
  14. Charles
  15. Christopher
  16. Clark
  17. Daniel
  18. David
  19. Dominic
  20. Edward
  21. Eli
  22. Elias
  23. Eliott
  24. Eric
  25. Ethan
  26. Ezekiel
  27. Frank
  28. Gabriel
  29. George
  30. Graham
  31. Harry
  32. Henry
  33. Hugh
  34. Isaac
  35. Jack – So chic.
  36. Jacob
  37. James
  38. Jeremiah
  39. John
  40. Jonathan
  41. Joshua
  42. Joseph – My brother’s name!
  43. Julian – Love.
  44. Leo – A fave.
  45. Luke
  46. Mark
  47. Michael
  48. Matthew
  49. Maxwell
  50. Nathan
  51. Nathaniel
  52. Nicholas
  53. Noah
  54. Oscar
  55. Patrick
  56. Paul
  57. Peter
  58. Philip
  59. Richard
  60. Robert
  61. Samuel
  62. Sean
  63. Sebastian
  64. Simon
  65. Stephen
  66. Theodore
  67. Thomas
  68. Timothy
  69. Victor
  70. Wallace
  71. Wesley
  72. William
  73. Zachary


I love so many of these names and have quite a few special people in my life that go by one of these classic monikers.

Would you pick a classic boy name for your baby? If you’re on the baby name hunt, be sure to download my free baby name list tracker – and check out more boy name posts here on the blog:

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classic boy names

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