10 Hilarious Doormats to Welcome Your Guests with a Laugh!

funny doormats

Who doesn’t need a good laugh right now? I don’t know about you – but I’m willing to eek out every ounce of humor that I can get from this year – even if that means grabbing a funny doormat that will lighten the mood for anyone who comes up to my door.

Plus, with the holidays on their way (ready or not!) – we will probably all be getting more deliveries than usual, and why not put a smile on our quick visitors’ faces?

I’ll admit, a funny doormat has not always been top of my home decor wish list. But, after seeing this hilarious doormat, I was inspired to find even more funny doormats:

funny doormats

Photo by Moonstar Market


Any Schitt’s Creek fans out there? I’ve been re-watching the episodes again and it’s even funnier the second time around.

Or, how about this funny one:

funny doormats

Photo by Doormat Decoir

I think this would get some surprised looks – especially if you have a visible doorbell camera, lol.

Let’s look at more!

10 Funny Doormats:

funny doormats

What do you think? Would you use a funny doormat? Here’s links to all of the doormats. Also, affiliate links are used, which means I may receive a small commission if you choose to make a purchase through one of my links. #KeepItReal

Oh, and this funny one was from Amazon. It’s a little different from the one in the picture, but it has much better reviews.

And, the “Like a Good Neighbor, Stay Over There” doormat is here. So funny.


Would you use a funny doormat? Seems like such an easy way to put a smile on people’s faces – and I feel like we could all use that right now!

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Have a fabulous day!


funny doormats

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