3 Ways to Use Your Jade Roller & Get Results!



I’ll admit I was not the first person to jump on the jade roller train.

For some reason, I just didn’t see the possible benefits of rolling what looked like a fancy Hot Wheel up and down my face.

Then, I got a really nice jade roller in one of my FabFitFun subscription boxes (I love that box), and I had no reason not to try it.

So, I did a little research on the benefits of using any skin roller, jade rollers included, and was pretty impressed with what I learned!

Find out several ways you can use your face roller to get results. Please know, affiliate links are used below.

Here’s a quick overview if you’re new to the jade roller club:

Benefits of Using a Jade Roller:


Turns out, the face roller trend isn’t new at all.

The practice has actually been a staple in Chinese skin care since the 7th century.

They believed that the jade and rose quartz crystal typically used to make the rollers have healing and protective properties for the skin.

While I have tried both the jade and the rose quartz and not personally noticed a difference other than aesthetics, I did enjoy both equally.

Whether or not you’re into crystals, you’ll certainly be able to appreciate the other reasons that using a skin roller will improve your skin and health.

Here are just a few:

  • Reduce Inflammation: If you are suffering from any inflammation, either from allergies or an autoimmune disease, then you likely have it in your face. Gently rolling the jade roller around your face and neck helps reduce inflammation – which will feel really nice.
  • Improve Lymphatic Draining: Piggybacking on the point above, massaging your face will also encourage lymphatic drainage, which also helps decrease inflammation and encourage proper circulation. You  may not even know that you need this until you use a jade roller and notice the difference.
  • Increase Circulation: By opening up the lymphatic system, you’ll see increased circulation in your face. This helps encourage blood flow, which will also help skin look and feel healthier, now that it is getting all the circulation it should.
  • Relax  Muscles: We hold so much tension in our face! If you talk a lot for work, have to hold a smile for customer service, struggle with clenching your teeth or jaw at night, or basically just live life every day, your face is taking a beating with muscle stiffness. By massaging your face, you relax those muscles.
  • Reduce Headaches: Increasing circulation, improving drainage and relaxing muscles will all contribute to less headaches caused by these issues! Hurrah!

Not such a bad list for a super affordable skin care tool you can start using right away.

But, how – exactly – are you supposed to use it?

3 Ways to Use Your Jade Roller:


1. Face Massage:

You can use your jade roller for a classic face massage.

For this practice, start with clean skin, then rub a few drops of skin serum or face oil on your face and neck. This will help the roller glide more easily without catching on your skin.

  • Then, just start gently rolling from the center of your face to the hairline, encouraging draining.
  • Roll from the top of your nose, up your forehead, towards your hair line.
  • Roll from the middle of the chin towards the ears.
  • Roll from the top of your neck going down towards your chest.
  • Basically, just roll, moving outwards, increasing pressure as needed and as feels comfortable.

This should certainly not hurt, so stop if anything feels uncomfortable.

If your jade roller has a side that is bumpier, use that one first and then transition to the smooth side to finish with a soothing massage.

If your jade roller has a wider side and a shorter side, use the wider side on wider parts of your face and use the shorter side for small ares like under the eyes, the bridge of the nose, and tender areas.

2. Use With a Sheet Mask:

I saw this on Instagram and had to try it. It actually felt really good and I also saw more results from the sheet mask.

You can grab sheet masks anywhere, from the drugstore to my favorite by Dr. Jart’s.

While your sheet mask is on, do the same rolling face massage above. I don’t use a regular face mask, because it would get stuck in the roller. The sheet mask creates a barrier between the ingredients and the roller.

And, the massage will help the ingredients in the sheet mask really soak in to your skin and penetrate deeply.

So, you’ll get a massage and the absolute best results from your mask.



3. Refrigerate Your Roller:


To take the cooling, anti-inflammatory results up a notch, keep your jade roller in the refrigerator.

Take it out right before using it over your sheet mask or your skin oil.

The cold jade roller will feel so good against tired, puffy skin, especially in the undereye area where cooling ingredients really help with dark undereye circles.

Here’s another post I wrote about how to treat dark undereye bags if you struggle with that, too.

So, What Type of Jade Roller Do You Need?


It’s pretty simple – get the jade roller you want.

There are a ton of options out there, from super affordable to made by name brands.

Here are some jade rollers to get you started:


Jade rollers are such an easy skin care tool to incorporate into your routine. I’m a buy mom of little ones, so I know how short me-time and self-care can be. If I can work this into my skin care every so often, I know you can, too.

Plus, jade rollers are some of the most affordable skin care tools that get you results.

If you’re looking for more intense skin care results, check out my post on the hottest, at-home skin care tools on the market this year. 

Have you tried a jade or rose quartz face roller? What did you think?

Have a fabulous day,




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