The Life of a Life Coach: An Interview with Life Coach & Motivational Speaker, Shana McLean Moore

becoming a life coach

becoming a life coach

Today I get to share a very special interview with you! I recently had the opportunity to talk with Shana McLean Moore, an awesome life coach, motivational speaker and mom of two, to learn a bit more about how she stays motivated and the teacher who has impacted her the most.

I first met Shana years ago in a very different capacity. If you’ve been around the blog for a bit, you may know that before writing, I spent years teaching English.

Well, one of my years teaching 8th grade, I had the incredible privilege of teaching Shana’s youngest daughter! 

So, when Shana left a kind comment on my last interview post, I jumped at the chance to get her in the hot seat, too. 

If you’ve ever been curious about the daily life of a life coach, either from a professional or personal standpoint, you’re going to love this deep dive into Shana’s world. 

But, first, let me share a little bit about this interview series and what inspired it…

What is The Lesson Plan Interview?

I decided to create an interview series, inspired by my years as a teacher, to glean wisdom, advice, tips and best practices from accomplished women who embody all the qualities of the modern woman.

This interview series is not looking for answers to questions covered in their resume.

No. The purpose of The Lesson Plan is to dig deeper, to go to the heart of their motivation, how they stay productive, their hacks for balancing all the things, and, of course, a few of their guilty pleasures (or just pleasures – sans guilt).

I want to round out these incredible women so that we all walk away from these interviews with useful nuggets, some solid inspiration we can put into practice, and a feeling of empowerment.

I’ll be sharing her candid answers to my questions in her own voice below, because – quite frankly – nobody can say it better anyway.

The Daily Life of Life Coach: Shana McLean Moore

becoming a life coach

ISF: Shana! Thank you for your willingness to answer some questions for my readers! Why don’t we start with a little background on what you do!

SMM: I am a life coach and wellness speaker who talks to people who feel crushed by the 24/7 work culture that’s expected of us. I provide practical tips and inspiration to fight back against the grind.

ISF: I totally feel that in a major way. What led you to choose this path?

SMM: You know, a young client once asked me why I became a coach and I hesitated before answering. I felt hesitant because to hear a life coach have a sad response to that question seems like breaking the news that your parents are Santa.

Authenticity prevailed and I told her that I’m a coach because I have a strong memory of being a happy-go-lucky child. All of a sudden, though, it felt like my oldest daughter was carrying on that tradition, but not WITH me— instead of me. I had somehow passed the happy baton without ever intending to give it away. I think my spirit had been suffering from increasing awareness of the world’s and my people’s pains.
I decided to fight to get some of that light back and started listening to books and podcasts that really helped my mindset. I eventually discovered that by having conversations about the content I was consuming about growth, balance, and the pursuit of joy, I was creating more hope for myself and others. In other words, I became a coach to save myself while helping others do the same.

ISF: I love that. It is incredible that when we pursue our own best life, that energy shift can have such a positive impact on the people in our lives, too. So, when do you feel most inspired? Are you an early bird or night owl? 

SMM: Definitely an early bird. I absolutely love tackling my to-do list before the world gets crowded. It feels like winning!

ISF: I honestly wish I could be an early bird! But, once I accepted that my creativity really wakes up later in the day and evening, I was able to increase my productivity and reach goals faster, without working more. 

Tell me about any routines or rituals that you do before getting to work: 

SMM: I go on an hourlong walk most mornings, either with a friend or while piping in inspiring content through my headphones that gets me fired up for my day. Nothing better than getting my brain buzzing and my blood circulating to start the day with a good attitude.

ISF: Great idea! You’re in good company – many past philosophers and inventors were big walkers!  Once it’s time to work, how do you stay organized, so you can manage all the moving pieces of what you do?

SMM: Once I discovered that an organized environment had a huge impact on my mood, I settled into the routine of managing my schedule and my clutter on a daily basis. The alternative leaves me stressed and crabby, so the maintenance is worth it to me

becoming a life coachISF: Yes, absolutely. So, let’s dig a little deeper: what motivates you and keeps you going, even on days when you may not feel particularly motivated?

SMM: Again, I’m not trying to sound grim, but I’m motivated by a belief that life is not supposed to suck, so I’m determined not to let it. I see people’s pain and I’m here to convince them (and myself) to fight for the light by seeking growth, connection, and joy.

ISF: “Life is not supposed to suck.” That is simple, but powerful. My mom always says, “Choose happy.” I think it helps for people to hear that it is often a deliberate choice! Do you have any favorite apps or technology that you use to keep the day-to-day running smoothly?

SMM: I use the Apple podcast app and Audible every single day to consume inspiring content. I also enjoy connecting with people on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

ISF: Yes, so great to reconnect with you on LI! Talk to me about some professional mistakes you have made and what you learned from them!

SMM: My biggest professional mistake was to follow through with my degree in Spanish literature and linguistics instead of using time to explore what I was more interested in. I’ve always had the mindset that you should finish what you start, so I saw my studies through. I have no doubt that I would’ve found my way to coaching a lot sooner than age 50 if I’d allowed myself a minute to explore.

ISF: Oh man, I agree with you. I have said for years that students should be given more opportunities to explore different career paths and do short internships throughout high school, so that they can make more informed decisions in college! 

Speaking of school, which teacher in your life has inspired you the most?

SMM: The teacher who has impacted me the most is Dr. Brene Brown. I have listened to “The Power of Vulnerability” four times. It is magnificent!

ISF: Gah, she is amazing! I have saved so many of her quotes. On that note, do you have any favorite quotes? 

SMM: I have so many favorite quotes, but the one that resonates most with me lately is from John Christensen’s book, The Fish Philosophy: “If you want to change your culture, you have to change your conversations.”
I believe this to be true for corporate cultures, communities, and even in the culture of our most intimate relationships. By changing the topics that we bring up to share to topics of growth, connection, and balance, we can change the dynamic of our interactions and, ultimately, create a deeper, healthier, and more positive culture between us.

ISF: Couldn’t agree more! Before we go, let’s finish up with one last question that I think everyone experiences on occasion – what do you do when you are struggling to get motivated or be productive?

SMM: My daily ritual of consuming positive content tends to keep me motivated to get tasks done, but I sometimes get gremlins when I’m trying to do something big (like apply to speak at a TEDx event). I am usually able to wrestle down the impostor syndrome and change my “who do you think you are” thinking into “why not you” thinking. When I’m able to defeat the gremlins and do the thing that intimidates me, I feel pretty dang brave and proud.

ISF: Imposter syndrome is a gremlin – for sure. Thanks so much for sharing!

becoming a life coach


I know it’s hard to imagine Shana being unproductive. She’s a positive force and a true inspiration for so many of us. 

If you’d like to learn more about Shana, her life coaching groups and private coaching, or more about her speaking engagements, you can find her at, her Instagram @yourcoachshan, Facebook, or LinkedIn!

Big thanks to Shana for letting me pick her brain for a bit and give you all a little mini life coaching session, too. 

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Thanks for reading! 

Have a fabulous day, 


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  1. January 29, 2020 / 9:38 pm

    Ah a beautiful interview. All working moms must read it. Staying motivated is not easy. I am big on morning walks and blog on it but try as I may I can’t get enough people to start off. The motivation must come from Within.

    • Erica
      January 29, 2020 / 10:02 pm

      So true, Sonia! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview! As a working mom myself, I totally understand where you’re coming from . Best of luck with your blog, I know how much work they are ;)!

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