Should women shave their face? I tried dermaplaning to find out.

shaving face woman

Have you ever shaved your face? I know, it’s sort of taboo for women to talk about. I usually love trying new things, but it took me awhile to get on board with dermaplaning, even though I had hot wax ripped off my face for years back in my 20s.

But, the more I researched dermaplaning and the benefits, the more I wanted to try it. So, a couple years ago, I quietly dipped my toes in the dermaplaning water with some super cheap face razors. The results made it a permanent part of my skin are routine.

Today, dermaplaning is more popular than ever and there are a lot more products to choose from. So, if you’ve been curious about dermaplaning, this post is for you.

5 Benefits of Shaving Your Face as a Woman:

shaving face woman

I think we can all admit that there is a weird stigma about shaving your face as a woman, even though we shave almost every other part of our body regularly. Yet, when it comes to the face, that’s a man’s territory.

Personally, I blame shaving companies and their marketing for this. Not only are shaving products typically marketed to men, but depictions of face shaving have always had images of men with shaving cream all over their face and a big razor.

Luckily, things are changing and more products are on the market for women than ever before, but should you do it? Let’s talk about the benefits to shaving and/or dermaplaning your face:

  1. Shaving your face is the ultimate exfoliator. I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older that exfoliation is the name of the game to aging more slowly. Shaving your face remove dead skin cells and really exfoliates that skin for younger, smoother skin.
  2. Shaving your face helps your skincare products absorb deeper, for more impact. That’s right; get yo money’s worth.
  3. Shaving your face is the ultimate primer for makeup.  In fact, you may even be able to skip primer or use a foundation with it included and be good to go. I’m all about simplifying my routine.
  4. Shaving your face is a LOT less painful than waxing. A lot. Like wow – so much less painful.
  5. Shaving your face improves your skin texture. It really smoothes it out.

None of these benefits should surprise you – after all, we all love the feeling of nice, smooth legs after a good shave. And, how many of us have looked at guys who don’t spend hours rubbing hundreds of dollars of skin care on their face, but still look younger than we do?

The answer: face shaving. It’s easier, cheaper and less painful than waxing, lasers, and professional-grade exfoliators, too,

In fact, after starting to use a dermaplaner, I was a little angry that I spend so much money to painfully have wax ripped off my face. Yup. Live and learn.

9 Tips for Dermaplaning Your Face as a Woman:

Sure, you could just lather up some shaving cream and go to town like a dude, but I find there’s a better way to shave your face so that you have less stubbly regrowth, less opportunities to cut your skin and less irritation – and that’s by dermaplaning – or removing the hair from the surface.

Whether you use a simple, affordable dermaplaner or a fancier one is just a matter of choice. I’ve seem similar results with both, honestly. As long as your technique is good, you’ll be fine.

Here are some tips for dermaplaning your face as a woman:

  1. Start with a clean face. Don’t apply any products to your skin after cleansing.
  2. Take the dermaplaner and hold it at an angle, so you are not so much shaving your face directly on like you normally do, but you are removing the hairs right from the service of the skin.
  3. Work from the outside of your face and go in towards the middle.
  4. Hold your skin taut with your other hand and move slowly, shaving in short strokes.
  5. Be very careful in areas where the skin folds or has hard corners like the nose.
  6. Be very careful around the eye area. I skip the whole area around the eye and only do a small area under my eyebrow – but WORK SLOW – it’s VERY easy to take off a whole chunk of hairs at once.
  7. Skip areas that don’t have any peach fuzz – there’s no need to shave what isn’t there. I skip the area around my nose, because I don’t have a lot of hair there.
  8. Right after, apply a nice, soothing serum. Choose something without strong exfoliators or you’ll have really irritated skin. I really like using this superfruit loaded serum. It’s very soothing.
  9. Do not use harsh exfoliators, scrubbers or get a facial for 2-3 days after shaving your face. I once dermaplaned the morning I had a facial, thinking it would make the products sink in deeper, when in fact, the exfoliators in the products burned like crazy. #NotRelaxing

The Verdict: Should women shave their face?

Once I started removing the peach fuzz from my face years ago, I have never looked back. It has made my skin smoother and has helped with aging over time.

Also, I love how it makes my makeup set. And, I’ll be honest, I’ll never miss getting waxed again. Nope; never going back.

5 Best Dermaplaners for Women:

shaving face women

*Affiliate links are used in this post, which means at no cost to you, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase through my links. Thank you!

Ready to give it a go? I’ve rounded up some dermaplaners for women in a variety of price points. I’ve been using the disposable ones for years, but I’ve become more mindful of waste, so I’ve transitioned to a dermaplaner that has replaceable razors. Also, my cousin invested in the incredible Dermaflash and kindly let me try it and take pictures of it and now I really want one, so that’s on my wish list.

1. Tinkle Face Razor Set: 

razors for shaving face women

This is one of the sets I’ve tried and has thousands of good reviews. It’s really affordable and easy to use. Only problem is that the blades don’t last long and you can’t refill them. A great starter set, though.

Under $10

2. Japonesque Dermaplaner Set

razors for shaving face women

A slightly chicer set with a better handle design. Also 3 razors included and they are not refillable.

Around $10.


3. Skinny Confidential Hot Shave Razor:

razors for shaving face women

A cute, pink refillable razor with a comfortable handle, and conveniently placed finger divot for better grip. Love the cute little box, too.

Price: $25

4. Stacked Skincare Dermaplaning Tool

razors for shaving face women

Fancier dermaplaner that wouldn’t clash with your bathroom aesthetic. Replaceable blades means it’ll last a long time.

Price: $75

5. Dermaflash:

razors for shaving face women

A sonic dermaplaning device that removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, quickly revealing visibly smooth, glowing, youthful skin.

This one will give you med-spa-level results at home. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys high-end beauty, skin and hair devices – this is the one for you, with professional grade technology. Refillable razors means it’ll last a long time. Comes in 5 cute colors, too. If you love this, you’ll want to read my review of the CurrentBody LED Red Light Face Mask. 

Price: $199

3 Myths About Shaving Your Face as a Woman:

a. Shaving makes hair grow back darker and thicker:

This may be true if you were shaving the way a guy does, but the way you’re using the dermaplaner here, you are just skimming the surface of your skin to remove the hair. This isn’t much different from using a cream to remove the hair.

Of course, if you do start to see darker regrowth, stop doing it and consider waxing, removal creams or laser hair removal for awhile.

b. Shaving your face will ruin your skin:

Not sure how this would be the case, unless you are very aggressive with the razor. If you do have breakouts that the razor could cut open, definitely avoid those areas. You wouldn’t run a razor over a cut or bump on your leg, so use the same care and common sense with your face. Always apply a soothing serum and then moisturizer after as well.

c. Shaving will mean you have to shave more and more frequently:

I have not seen this to be the case at all. I don’t see regrowth happening at a faster pace. However, if shaving other areas of your body has resulted in having to shave more and more frequently throughout your life, this could happen with hair on any other part of your body, too.

I think the main idea here is: know yourself and your body. One thing will never work for every person. Also, consider that shaving your face once or twice is not going to do that much to your skin, so you can always try it and see what you think.

Safety Note:

As a mom of littles, I feel compelled to mention that these razors can cut you very easily and should never be left out where kids can find them. My sister sent me an article years ago about how many little kids end up in the ER from playing in their mom’s bathroom with her products and devices. It was a great reminder, because I have a lot of things in my bathroom that could really injure a child who didn’t know what they were playing with.

I am very careful to put things like these razors in a place where kids cannot find them or access them. They might look cute, but they can really hurt you or someone else, so please be careful.


Have you tried dermaplaning or shaving your face? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

Have a fabulous day,


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