An Adorable Tooth Fairy Certificate & Letter to Bring the Magic!

tooth fairy certificate

Nobody tells you when you become a parent how much time you’ll spend on the subject of teeth. First, there’s the teething, then the brushing and dentist appointments (which not all kids love, btw) and then comes the teeth falling out.

We haven’t gotten to orthodontics, but I’m sure that’s on the horizon.

Luckily, we set the baseline for a little tooth fairy magic the first two times my kid lost teeth, but this time – I decided to up my game a little with a new tooth fairy certificate and letter set.

Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate:

tooth fairy certificate

My son first noticed his tooth was loose in the middle of the day. It was just slightly wiggly, but he was already so excited about when the tooth fairy would visit.

Then, while playing outside in their inflatable water park, an accidental collision happened and POP! Out came the tooth.

Luckily, we found the cute little front tooth floating in the water, so we were able to lay it out for the tooth fairy.

Once lights (and kids) were out, I printed out my new tooth fairy certificate and tooth fairy letter printable and brought a little magic.

tooth fairy certificate

Seriously, it’s so cute and I was excited to use it.

What Should the Tooth Fairy Say:

tooth fairy certificate

It’s the English teacher and writer in me that thrives in these situations, but I know not everyone does, so I’m happy to share a little template for you when writing your tooth fairy letter.

Dear  (their name here),

I’m so excited you lost a tooth, and what a beautiful tooth it is. You must be doing a great job brushing.

I’m leaving you this little (prize, gift, treat, surprise) as a thank you for letting me keep your tooth in my collection.

Do you like jokes? Here’s my favorite tooth joke:

Why did the donut go to the dentist? To get a filling!

Remember to keep brushing! I am leaving you magical wishes until I can visit you again.


The Tooth Fairy

Of course, customize this with your child’s name and more specific details around how they lost their tooth.

For my son, the tooth fairy made sure to reference that he was very brave when his tooth popped out in the water park.

Also, I put a tooth joke in every tooth fairy letter and wrote a collection of my favorites in this post. Highly recommend. It’s my son’s favorite part of the letters.

More Tips for Tooth Fairy Letters:

Need more tips for how to bring the magic? Here are some easy ideas:

  • Share details – mention it was their very first tooth or that you can tell it took a long time to fall out.
  • Make suggestions – if they’ve been struggling to brush or pull on the teeth prematurely, mention gently that it’s important to take care of their teeth and be patient.
  • Add a little magic – you can always add some glitter, confetti, write in swirly font or leave other extra special touches.
  • Play with size – if you don’t want to use the printable, you can always write on an extra small piece of paper in very small writing, to create the idea that the tooth fairy is very small.

Have fun; be creative. The whole idea behind these fun little traditions is a celebration of a child’s imagination and to acknowledge each step of growing up with something special.


Do you have any special tooth fairy traditions? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Feel free to click over to the shop and check out the tooth fairy certificate and letter printable!

tooth fairy certificate

Have a fabulous day,


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