17 Easy Ways To Boost Your Immune System & Protect Against Infections!

how to boost immune system naturally

how to boost immune system naturally

Wow, there’s a lot going on in the world right now – with Coronavirus hysteria and the normal winter influenza and cold cycles, I’m about to just carry a Lysol bottle with me wherever I go and spray down anyone who comes near me. 

I’m only half kidding. 

So, while I do have some immune boosting and germ fighting remedies that I employ year-round in my house, I have upped my game recently to protect my little family as much as possible. 

While I am not a doctor and this should not be taken as medical advice, I am a mom and mad researcher who has tried a lot of things over the years before settling on this little routine of ours. I share it in hopes that it will empower you to feel like you can do a few things for your family during this difficult time. 

Will these make you completely immune against whatever new infectious disease is floating around? It may or may not. 

But, there’s at least comfort in trying – right? 

Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally: 

The best things we can do are the easiest and most affordable (read: free). Some of these ideas are ways to prevent infection in the first place, while others are immune system boosters so when you do come in contact with an infection, your body has the best chances of fighting it. 

  1. Wash your hands often to avoid infections
  2. Use hand sanitizer after touching things like a gas pump, a debit card keypad, a door handle, etc.
  3. Or, use a wipe to do those things, so you don’t have to touch it at all! 
  4. Get some rest! If you’re struggling with insomnia, read my post on remedies that can help
  5. Reduce stress! Sometimes easier said than done. Try practicing mindfulness  or do some deep breathing exercises and see if it helps. 
  6. Be Anti-Social – stay home, avoid busy places, leave places if people seem sick. Here are 40+ activities for kids you can do at home. 
  7. Work from home if possible – is this new for you? Check out my tips for how to work from home with kids.

These simple daily acts can help cut down on a good deal of germs, but adding an additional layer of protection never hurts. 

Supplements to Strengthen Your Immune System: 

how to boost immune system naturally

All of these remedies are readily available at your local store or Amazon. If you do purchase online through one of my links, I’ll receive a small comish at no cost to you. These are the actual natural remedies I do buy and we take almost every day. Also, some of these suggestions may not be appropriate for small children, so be sure to check before using. 

8. Germ Fighter Essential Oil Roll-On:how to boost immune system naturally

This is one of the newer additions to our infectious disease fighting protocols. Super affordable, so easy to use, and smells really cinnamon-y and delicious. 

The reviews on this thing are pretty amazing and I like the transparency and quality of Plant Therapy essential oils in general. 

I even bought one for my cousin who has four kids because our two packs of kids tend to ping-pong illnesses back and forth to one another. 

Just roll on the back of the neck or the bottom of the feet and go. Easy. 

9. Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies: how to boost immune system naturally

These are such an easy, tasty way to take your apple cider vinegar, which can help your body restore and balance ph levels. This is really important for overall health and wellness, but I can’t stomach taking apple cider vinegar and already take 10 supplements or more a day by pill. 

So, these Goli gummies are a godsend for me! They actually taste pretty good and my kids will take them without complaint. 

Due to the cost, I usually give the kids one each and the adults take 2 each. Just read some of the reviews on these – pretty amazing. 

10. Elderberry Gummies or Liquid:  

If you are the DIY type, there are recipes for make-your-own elderberry syrup that is probably more effective in both quality and cost. I tried it one time and it didn’t really work so well for me, but I’m kitchen challenged. So, I buy them!

Loaded with vitamin C, zinc, elderberry, and more, these are one of the best natural remedies for boosting your immune system and guarding against infections!

how to boost immune system naturally
The elderberry gummies and liquid make it so easy. The kids will take them, too. I don’t usually give them elderberry and apple cider vinegar, but alternating does make the Goli gummies last longer. 

11. Immunity Boosting Gummies: how to boost immune system naturally

There are a lot of supplements out there with immune boosting qualities, but my kids love gummies, so these are the ones we get. The ingredient list is really great, with zinc, elderberry and other things. 

Sometimes the Zarbee’s is in stock and sometimes these are, so I grab what’s available. 

12. Probiotic & Prebiotic: how to boost immune system naturally

Having healthy gut flora is our first defense against infections, so a probiotic and prebiotic is something my kids take every day.

We also take a probiotic, and while I do switch brands occasionally, this is the one that I have taken the most consistently over the years:
how to boost immune system naturally

13. Essential Oil Diffusers: 

I don’t use a diffuser everyday, but I do try to bust it out during the cold and flu season.

If we are trying to boost our immunity, I’ll put 4-6 drops of a blend like this:

 If we are already sick, I like an essential oil blend like this one:
how to boost immune system naturally

I have not found an essential oil diffuser that I really love, so I won’t recommend mine. Although, this one has a ton of great reviews on Amazon. 
how to boost immune system naturally

14. Green Tea:

how to boost immune system naturally

Green tea is so good for us and so easy to make! I love having a cup of green tea in the afternoon with some raw honey as a pick-me-up and infection fighter!

This particular type of green tea is my favorite. The organic green tea is put in Abacá Hemp Fiber Paper tea bags that is free of dyes, adhesive, glue and chlorine bleach. No staples, strings, bags or extra waste is used, so you just drop it in and go!

The paper bag they are stored in is a foil-lined kraft bag that reseals nicely for storage. 

Here are 10 proven benefits to drinking green tea if you are curious!

15. Superfood Smoothies: 

Empower your body to be able to fight infections as best it can! Load up on the superfoods that bolster your whole body and health. 

I wrote a whole post on the best tasting green smoothies and also the anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes I turn to when needed. 

16. Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet: 

Don’t load up on the junk because it’s comforting – you’ll just drop your body’s natural defenses even more!

Consider a diet loaded with anti-inflammatory foods. I wrote a whole post on the anti-inflammatory foods I try to pack into our diet as much a possible!

17. Detox Your Skin: 

You know how your lymph nodes swell up when you’re sick or battling something? Help your body flush those toxins out of your body so you can stay healthy. 

Dry brushing is such an easy way to detox your skin, clear out toxins, and also give your skin a nice glow.

If you’re new to dry brushing, check out my post on how to drybrush your skin.


I’m sure there are more ways to protect ourselves during cold and flu season or even the occasional pandemic like the coronavirus!

These are the steps I take in my home to help us fight off infections as best we can and bolster our immunity. 

As a person diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, I am certainly as guilty as anyone of getting freaked out when the sick season rolls around (and this one is certainly peculiar) and I feel better when I have an actual plan of what I can do to protect us all. 

Stay safe out there y’all! 

Have a fabulous day, 

how to boost immune system naturally


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