62 Earthy Hippie Names for your Boho Baby Girl with Meanings!

hippie girl names

hippie girl names

I had a friend years ago who actually grew up on a hippie commune. 

Her stories of their free spirited life without some of the conveniences I consider essentials was enlightening!

It made me think about her name and the names of her family members.

Their names have the essence of their lifestyle – this love for nature, color, creativity and freedom.

In honor of her, I’ve added this hippie baby name list for your adorable boho girl.

The Best Hippie Baby Girl Names:

hippie girl names

  1. Amethyst – A violet gemstone with healing powers and a fitting name for your LO.
  2. Aria – A songlike name that also means “melody”, a perfect name for a flower child.
  3. Aurelia – A unique play on more popular names like Aurora and means “golden one”.
  4. Autumn – This alternative to fall is gaining popularity for being unique and cool.
  5. Blossom – Your daughter is sure to bloom just like the name implies.
  6. Breeze – Bri is an adorable nickname, too.
  7. Brooke – May she be as calm as the sound of a gentle stream.
  8. Briar – A briar is a wild rose with a prickly thorn, fitting for a beautiful, strong girl.
  9. Carly- If you are a Carly Simon lover, you might love this name.
  10. Celeste – A sweet name with a nod to the celestial.
  11. Clover – Gaining popularity, but still fresh and clever.
  12. Crystal – I mean – obviously.
  13. Dahlia – A gorgeous name for a beautiful flower. The nickname Doll and Dolly are cute.
  14. Daisy – The daisy symbolizes new beginnings, perfect for the new mom and baby.
  15. Dawn – A name that means first light of day, for the light of your life.
  16. Eden – An earthy name for your child who will no doubt love to run through gardens.
  17. Evie – A play on the name Eve, meaning life, and lively, which she surely will be.
  18. Goldie – Yes, like Goldie Hawn, Goldie is a bohemian name for a girl as precious as gold.
  19. Haven – Another word for safe place or refuge, Haven would fit any boho girl.
  20. Hazel – While gaining popularity, thanks to some celebrities, Hazel is a sweet choice.
  21. Helena – A classic Greek name meaning bright and shining light.
  22. Henna – Think henna tattoos and a much less common version of Hannah.
  23. Isla –  Isla means “island” and was given to the gorgeous red-haired actress Isla Fisher.
  24. Jade – A green stone known to cure colic, perhaps this name will protect her from it.
  25. Jasmine – Jazzy is such a fun, spunky nickname, too.
  26. Jasper – A gender neutral name that means treasurer and is also the name of a stone.
  27. Jewel – A beautiful name reminiscent of the earthy singer.
  28. Journey – Life is a journey; This name takes this idea literally, but in a cute way.
  29. Karma – The buddhist philosophy of karma aligns with your peace and love ideals.
  30. Kaya – Often linked to Hawaiian origin, Kaia or Kaia mean “the sea”.
  31. Laken – A play on the name Lake and your love of water.

hippie girl names


  1. Lennox – A very cool, hippie name if you want something truly unique.
  2. Liberty – A more direct way to show your love of freedom.
  3. Lily – Flower names are so perfect for the free spirited girl and the lily means “rebirth”.
  4. Lorelei – The name of a feminine water spirit, Lorelei can be shortened to Rory. Cute!
  5. Luna – Interested in the moon and moon signs? Luna actually means “moon”.
  6. Magnolia – Thanks to the Gaines, Magnolia and the Magnolia tree are gaining popularity.
  7. Marley – After Bob Marley, of course.
  8. Maya – Often connected to inspiring people, like Maya Angelou, Maya means “water”.
  9. Nova – Why limit her when you can give her a name that represents stars?
  10. Ocean – A cool name for a baby who will flow her own way.
  11. Olive – The olive tree is a symbol for peace, making this name a fitting choice.
  12. Ostara – Dawn’s first light or to shine
  13. Poppy – Bright, happy, and evocative of the memorable flower by the same name.
  14. Phoebe – Any Friends fans in the house? Enough said.
  15. Phoenix – Great for boys or girls and a reference to the mythical bird.
  16. Prairie – If you love nature, you might want to name your baby this nature name.
  17. Rain – Another gender neutral name that reminds us of the soothing properties of rain.
  18. Rainbow – A classic hippie name that ebbs and flows in popularity.
  19. Raya – This name literally means “friend” – how cute is that?
  20. Rebel – Gaining in popularity and showcasing your free spirited nature.
  21. River – River has real boho vibe and is fitting for any child.
  22. Rowan – A tree in Celtic lore with several healing properties.
  23. Selena – Before you think this is too popular, Selena means “moon goddess”. Yes.
  24. Sierra – A name bestowed up on everything from mountain ranges to sodas.
  25. Skye –  Short, cute, and a nod to your love of freedom.
  26. Summer – Season names are excellent choices for your boho baby.
  27. Tempest – This one reminds me of the Shakesperean play and a girl with a  fiery spirit.
  28. Violet – The purple flower is rich in color and sweet in appearance.
  29. Willow – Like the tree, your daughter may also be strong and graceful.
  30. Winter – Prefer the cold? Why not go with this for your baby.
  31. Wren – The Wren is a bird known for its charismatic personality. Surely, your daughter would be, too.


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hippie girl names


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