64 Modern & Meaningful Indian Girl Names for your Little Goddess!

indian girl names

I am lucky to live in an area with a lot of diversity and plenty of opportunities to explore other cultures!

Many years ago, I had a roommate from an Indian family who was raised very traditionally and she invited me to several events (including her wedding) where I was able to experience firsthand the vibrant food, clothing, dance and other cultural elements of India!

Indian girl names represent this colorful culture and often drawing inspiration from the many different religions and cultures.

While this list is a curated collection of modern Indian girl names, you could easily find more traditional names online, if you were interested.

Because so many Indian names are derived from the religions and cultures in India, I am including meanings so you can better understand the origin! If you’re interested in cool and modern Indian boy names – check out this post!

The Best Indian Girl Names:

indian girl names

  1. Aarna – Goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity
  2. Aditi – Means “boundless, freedom and security”
  3. Adra – Means “beauty”
  4. Adya – Means “Mother Earth”
  5. Aisha – Means “alive and prosperous”
  6. Amara – Means “immortal or eternal”. This has appeared on other lists as well. Sometimes it is difficult to trace the true origin of a name, particularly when it spams so many cultures like Amara.
  7. Amita – In Sanskrit, means “limitless”
  8. Amna – Means “peace, desire and safety”
  9. Anisha – Means “sleepless”
  10. Anushka – Means “grace, favor”
  11. Arya – Means “noble goddess”
  12. Asha – Comes from the Sanskrit word for hope and desire
  13. Avani – Means “the good earth”
  14. Bali – Means “soldier”
  15. Bodhi – Refers to the Bodhi tree and means “enlightenment”
  16. Chaitali – Means “one who is born in the month of Chaitra”
  17. Charita – Means “good” in Sanskrit
  18. Chetana –  Means “perceptive and conscious”
  19. Daksha – Means “earth”
  20. Danika – Means “morning star”
  21. Darsha – Means “to have vision”
  22. Daya – Means “kindness and compassion”
  23. Divya – Means “divine” or “divine brilliance” – wow!
  24. Elina – Means “smart” or “intelligent”
  25. Gina – Means “silvery”
  26. Gini – Means “golden”
  27. Giva – Means “hill of high place”
  28. Harita – Means “green” or “nature”
  29. Harisha – Means “happiness”, how sweet!
  30. Ila – Means “earth”
  31. Ina – Means “mother of all”
  32. Indira – Means “beauty” in Sanskrit
  33. Iniya – Means “sweet”
  34. Ishaani – Another name for the Goddess Parvati
  35. Jaya – Means “victorious one”
  36. Kaira – So cute! Means “peaceful”
  37. Kali – Hindu goddess of destruction
  38. Kamala – Means “lotus”
  39. Karima – Means “precious”
  40. Kaveri – A river that flows through India
  41. Late – Means “vine”
  42. Leela – Means “play” and “dark beauty”
  43. Mallika – Means “queen” or “a vine”
  44. Mina – Means “precious blue stone”
  45. Neha – Means “rain”
  46. Nisha – Means “night”
  47. Noor – Also on the Arabic girl name list!
  48. Padma – One of the 108 names given to the goddess Lakshmi
  49. Pari – Means “fairy”
  50. Priya – Love this one! Means “beloved”.
  51. Rani – Means “she is singing”
  52. Richa – Means “hymn”
  53. Riya – Means “singer”
  54. Saniya – Means “pearl”
  55. Shanti – Means “peace”
  56. Shifa – Means “truthful” and ”friend”
  57. Shivani – Another name for the goddess Pavarti
  58. Sonia –  Means “wise”
  59. Vaani – Means “speech”
  60. Varsha – Means “rain”
  61. Veda – The most sacred texts of Hinduism
  62. Vina – Means “stringed instrument”
  63. Wishi – Means “fulfill a wish”
  64. Yamini – Means “night” or “nocturnal”


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