56 Modern Japanese Boy Names that are Handsome & Unique!

japanese boy names

japanese boy names

I’ve been writing about baby names for awhile now. I’m thrilled that so many of my readers are as obsessed with baby names as I am (or maybe you’re actually pregnant – which makes it a little more normal of an interest – ha!).

Today, we are looking at a collection of modern and handsome Japanese boy names. While there are many more Japanese names that you might like if you speak Japanese or want something more traditional, I looked for names that could have the most international appeal.

Personally, I am fascinate by Japanese culture and their names are no exception. My stepmom spent a year in Japan as a senior in high school and she spoke about the experience often throughout my life. No doubt Japanese girl names are spectacular – such as Aia, Mikka and Suki.

Japanese boy names are just as fabulous – with Jona, Raiden and Ryo particularly cool. Let’s take a look at this curated collection of modern Japanese boy names to find more:

The Best Japanese Boy Names:

japanese boy names

1. Aki

2. Akio

3. Ami

4. Asa

5. Asahi

6. Benjiro

7. Botan

8. Dai

9. Daiki

10. Danno

11. Denji

12. Enmei

13. Gin

14. Hideo

15. Hinata

16. Jin

17. Jona

18. Juro

19. Kaemon

20. Kage

21. Kaito

22. Kame

23. Kamin

24. Kane

25. Katz

26. Ken

27. Kenji

28. Kei

29. Kin

30. Kota

31. Kunio

32. Masao

33. Miki

34. Mio

35. Noa

36. Nori

37. Paseo

38. Radan

39. Raedan

40. Rai

41. Raiden

42. Renzo

43. Riki

44. Rin

45. Rio

46. Ruka

47. Ryo

48. Minato

49. Niko

50. Ren

51. Riku

52. Sana

53. Taji

54. Taro

55. Toma

56. Touma


What do you think? Do you love any of these names? Ren and Toma are so unique, too!

Don’t forget to track your favorite names on the baby name tracker and check out these other boy names:

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What’s your favorite boy name? Tell us in the comments below!

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japanese boy names


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