Fab Deal$: McGee & Co Vienna Mirror Dupe That’ll Make You Stop and Stare!

mcgee and co vienna mirror dupe

Gotta love McGee & Co. They have mastered the art of comfortable sophistication. Their designs are unique, without being fussy, and add interest without overwhelming a space.

Their Vienna mirror has a beautiful arch-shape and details that add visual interest, while blending with your home decor a bit better than a mirror like the popular Anthropologie Primrose mirror that has a much more gilded design.

If you’ve been looking for a similar mirror to the McGee & Co Vienna mirror – stay tuned, because I’ve got a lookalike that will make you stop and stare. But, first, let’s look at the original!

McGee & Co Vienna Gold Leaf Mirror: 

mcgee and co vienna mirror dupe

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This timeless mirror is available in four sizes, small to extra large, and comes in two colors, gold leaf and silver leaf. With a softly arched top, the Vienna Mirror has a bit of old world charm. A molded edge complimented with details that add a little something extra wherever it’s placed.

Price: $1200 for the small, sized 26 x 38

Shop the McGee & Co Vienna Gold Leaf Mirror here

Ballard Designs Louis Wall Mirror: 

mcgee and co vienna mirror dupe

Woop – there it is! This gorgeous lookalike has two colors options, antique gold and antique champagne, both with a very similar arched design with a studded detail on the edge.

mcgee and co vienna mirror dupe

I am loving Ballard Designs lately. I’ve bought several items from them over the years and they are always delivered with care and are very well made. I bet this mirror is very high quality and made to last.

Plus, the Louis is similar in size to the Vienna – the Louis measures 25 1/2 by 37 1/4, but for a fraction of the price!

Price: $279

Shop the Ballard Designs Louis Wall Mirror here

More McGee & Co Dupes:

Love the McGee & Co look, but not the price? Here are some more dupes I’ve scooped!


I hope you found what you looking for! Whether you decide to save or splurge, you deserve to look where you live!

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