Fab Deal$: 6 Anthropologie Primrose Gold Mirror Lookalikes

anthropologie primrose gold mirror dupes

anthropologie primrose gold mirror dupe

The Anthropologie Primrose gold mirror has become the quintessential mirror for home decor enthusiasts. Whether its set on a console table for entryway or leaned up in a bedroom or closet, the stunning vintage-inspired details are sure to get plenty of “oohs” and “aaahs”.

Like almost anything that Anthropologie does, this mirror will stop you in your tracks. Similar to their stunning take on the arched cabinet, this mirror is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

But, that level of great design comes at a price. What if you want the look….for less? Good news! There are several stunning gold vintage mirror lookalikes that will get you the same grand feel without draining your kid’s college fund. Let’s take a look at the original and the dupes – so you can find the right vintage mirror for your home. Also, know that affiliate links are used below which means that at no cost to you, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase through my links.

Anthropologie Primrose Mirror:

anthropologie primrose gold mirror dupe

The original is a beauty, no doubt about it. Available in four sizes and four colors – with the gold the most popular (at least on Instagram).

Made with resin, iron, engineered hardwood and mirrored glass, this piece is love at first sight. Of course, your wallet might love it less. Prices range from $498 (the smallest) to $1598 (unless it’s on sale) and then you pay shipping.

anthropologie primrose gold mirror dupe

Still, sometimes you just want what you want. If that’s you – no judgement. Get your Primrose mirror and enjoy.

Shop the stunning Anthropologie Primrose Mirror here.

Anthropologie Gold Mirror Lookalikes:

Of course, you are probably here because you want a good deal. I don’t blame you; I hate paying full price. I’m merciless in my pursuit of getting what I want for a price I can afford (or want to pay).

That’s why I knew I had to find incredible Anthropologie mirror dupes. And – boy – am I going to deliver.

1. Amazon Gold Mirror:

anthropologie primrose gold mirror dupe

This one kind of blows my mind. For around $500, you have two options for sizes of this gorgeous French style gold mirror.

And this one looks astonishingly similar to the Primrose. Like….what?

anthropologie primrose gold mirror dupe

Check out the Amazon Primrose dupe here.

2. Arhaus Amelie Mirror:

anthropologie primrose gold mirror dupe

I loooove Arhaus. Their design aesthetic is very close to my own – cozy, family friendly furniture with a touch of glam. This Amelie mirror is perfect. It comes in four sizes and two colors (gold and silver), with the largest Grand Amelie coming in at $1499 – which is pretty close to the price of the Primrose.

However, if you snag the 4-5 foot mirror from Arhaus, you’re looking at $599 vs. the $898 for the similar size at Anthro. Not bad for the same look. Check out their gorgeous cabinet in this post.

Check out the Arhaus Amelie Mirror here.

3. Ballard Designs Beaudry Mirror:

anthropologie primrose gold mirror dupe

Another gorgeous gold, vintage mirror – for under $500! This piece by Ballard Designs has a very similar look and shape to the Primrose. It’s high on style, but more affordable in price.

I have bought several pieces from Ballard over the years and can definitely vouch for their great shipping, customer service and quality.

Take another look at the Beaudry Mirror here.

4. PB Teen Filigree Mirror:

anthropologie primrose gold mirror dupe

Looking for the tall, full body mirror? This PB Teen lookalike is under $500 – with a very similar look and feel.

In fact, the gold on this one seems a bit brighter, which really pops. I love Pottery Barn and have found their products to be really excellent quality as well.

Check out the PB Teen Filigree Mirror here.

5. Urban Outfitters Selene Mirror:

anthropologie primrose gold mirror dupe

I’m a big fan of UO here. They have such incredible style. Their lookalike for the Fern Cabinet is SO SO good.

I love this more streamlined version of the gold mirror trend. It has a beautiful shape and more minimalistic style.

Shop the chic Urban Outfitteres Selene Mirror here.

6. Gold Victoria Scroll Mirror:

anthropologie primrose gold mirror dupe

Kirkland’s is coming in clutch with this awesome gold mirror for under a HUNDRED dollars. And, y’all know how great their coupons are – so you can likely snag this for around FIFTY BUCK.

I can’t. I can’t even handle it.

Check out the Kirkland’s gold mirror here.


So many great options! Have you jumped aboard the vintage gold mirror train yet? It’s a super easy way to add some style and glam to your space with minimal effort.

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