101 Most Popular Girl Dog Names!

girl dog names

So, your family has a new furry friend? As a fellow dog lover, I find the part of naming your new bestie one of the most fun parts of adding a new four-legged member to the family.

Probably comes as no surprise, since I love baby names, too. What can I say. I like to name things. I even name my cars. #TRUTH

But, for us, we usually needed to spend some time with our pup before the name was solid. For example, our black lab, Zoey, was originally going to be Moka or Luna! Here she is all cuddled up on the couch:

girl dog names

The Most Popular Dog Names:

Whether you have found your way to this post because you want to name your dog one of the top 100 most popular girl dog names or because you want to actively avoid those names – this list is for you.

With lots of options here to either help you name your new best friend or inspire you to come up with your own creative moniker, you’ll be ready to welcome your new furry friend in no time.

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Tips On Naming Your New Dog:

girl dog names

If this is your first time naming a pet, here are a few tips that might help out. When we welcomed our new dog, Zoey, into the family – she was the first dog I had chosen and picked up as a tiny puppy.

But, my husband had successfully trained several dogs before her, so we really leaned on that knowledge to get Zoey all set up.

These are some of the tips he shared with me when we named her and maybe they will help her, too:

1. Stick with shorter names:

It might seem grand to name your new girl dog Alexandria, but usually 1-3 syllables are ideal for a dog name. As an alternative, you can give them a long formal name and a shorter nickname, just like in my post on girl names with nicknames and boy names with nicknames.

2. Avoid names that rhyme:

Think of commands you’ll use to train your pup and avoid names that rhyme with those words.

3. Consider relatives:

I remember a friend telling me the story of how her sister named her dog the nickname of their daughter, because they loved the name. But, every time they were visiting, when they would yell or call for the dog, the daughter thought it was for her and would get scared.

So, avoid names that are or sound like names of people you have over a lot to avoid confusion.

3. Have fun with it:

This is the one time you can get really creative and nobody really cares. Want to name that tiny little dog Hercules? Go for it. Want to use a silly TV or movie reference? This is your chance.

In fact, we almost went more creative, but already had a dog named Clara, so we decided to stick with human names. I still think we should’ve named her something else, though…

I’m sure there’s lots more tips out there, but it’s time to look at the most popular names for girl dogs!

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The Most Popular Names for Girl Dogs:

girl dog names

  1. Abby
  2. Allie
  3. Angel
  4. Annie
  5. Athena
  6. Baby
  7. Bailey
  8. Bella
  9. Belle
  10. Bonnie
  11. Brandy
  12. Cali
  13. Callie
  14. Casey
  15. Charlie
  16. Chloe
  17. Cleo
  18. Coco
  19. Cocoa
  20. Cookie
  21. Daisy
  22. Dakota
  23. Dixie
  24. Ella
  25. Ellie
  26. Emma
  27. Gigi
  28. Ginger
  29. Gracie
  30. Hannah
  31. Harley
  32. Hazel
  33. Heidi
  34. Holly
  35. Honey
  36. Izzy
  37. Jasmine
  38. Josie
  39. Katie
  40. Kona
  41. Lacey
  42. Lady
  43. Layla
  44. Lexi
  45. Lexie
  46. Lilly
  47. Lily
  48. Lola
  49. Lucky
  50. Lucy

girl dog names


  1. Lulu
  2. Luna
  3. Macy
  4. Maddie
  5. Madison
  6. Maggie
  7. Marley
  8. Maya
  9. Mia
  10. Millie
  11. Mimi
  12. Minnie
  13. Missy
  14. Misty
  15. Mocha
  16. Molly
  17. Nala
  18. Nikki
  19. Nova
  20. Olive
  21. Peanut
  22. Pebbles
  23. Penny
  24. Pepper
  25. Phoebe
  26. Piper
  27. Princess
  28. Remi
  29. Riley
  30. Rosie
  31. Roxy
  32. Ruby
  33. Sadie
  34. Sally
  35. Sandy
  36. Sasha
  37. Sassy
  38. Scout
  39. Shadow
  40. Shelby
  41. Sierra
  42. Skye
  43. Sophie
  44. Stella
  45. Sugar
  46. Sydney
  47. Trixie
  48. Willow
  49. Winnie
  50. Xena
  51. Zoey (hey, I like this one ;)!)


What do you think? Would you pick one of these names for your new sweet best friend?

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Have a fabulous day,




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