12 Gorgeous Winter Scarves for Under $30!



I’ll admit it: I have way too many scarves for a girl who lives in the Land of Perpetual Sunshine (aka California).

We only have a few weeks of truly inclement weather that requires waterproof coats, boots and scarves.

But, I have this idea that I look like this floating sexy vixen when I wear a scarf – kind of like this:

When, in reality, it’s more like this:

There are a few more months out of the year that I would describe the weather as “cardigan optional” and you could get away with a lightweight infinity or silk scarf, but no way are you busting out the blanket or wool scarves.

I mean.. I guess you could. If you like to sweat.


So, in celebration of the short, small season when it is scarf weather here, I am going to share all of the gorgeous scarves I have been obsessing over!! And bonus – none of them are over $30!!

There is (literally) no time like the present to get a sassy new scarf for a steal.

Let’s go!


1. Topshop Heavy Check Scarf – $19.99

So cozy and soft. The colors are really bright and fun. Topshop can do no wrong.

2. Treasure & Bond Striped Scarf – $23.40

This is a really fun one. Look through the pics to see other ways it can be worn. Love.

3. Echo Fringe Frenzy Scarf – $23.40

Gimme all the fringe! How can you not? So chic and cool – so little effort.

That’s my kinda outfit.

4. Kelly & Kate Plaid Blanket Scarf – under $10!

Have some from this brand and they are such a crazy deal.

5. V. Fraas Plaid Scarf – 4 colors – under $20

I have a black, white and red one from this company and I get compliments every time I wear it. There is an almost Burberry vibe to it. Soft, luxurious, lays beautifully. 20 bucks. BOOM.

6. Kelly & Katie Plaid Blanket Scarf – under $10

Another one by K&K – because – 10 dollars?!!!




1. Loft Grid Scarf – around $20 after 40% off

Adore the soft pink grid detail. Loft does it right.

2. Loft Faux Fur Infinity Scarf – around $30 after 40% off

I can never get enough faux fur.

Add infinity scarf and = perfection.

3. Loft Plaid Blanket Scarf – Under $30 with 40% off

The soft, watercolor design on a heavyweight scarf makes for a great hard/soft balance.

4. Old Navy Fringed Textured – $12 in 5 colors

12 dollars for 5 gorgeous options. Fringed. Textured. Old Navy.

Just. Give me all of them.

5. Gap Cozy Pattern Fringe Scarf – 2 colors – $34.95 but 50% off online + extra 20%

I think I may have switched 5 and 6 in the picture. Oops.

But, the clean lines and texture on this scarf just screams simple sophistication.

6. Gap Crazy Stripe Scarf – $33.99 plus discounts

I’m seeing rainbow colors everywhere and I am all about it. This colorful combination of stripes would easily make a simple monochromatic outfit really pop.


There you go! Are you a scarf person, too?

I hope you found one that you loved. Or, share your favorite spot for scarves in the comments below!

Have a fabulous day,




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