Splurge or Save: French Seam Upholstered Headboard

Crate & Barrel french seam upholstered headboard copycat

I’m seeing French seams everywhere – from sofas to headboards. They give a softness to design that feels more relaxed, almost a little coastal, and less stuffy or refined.

At first, I didn’t really vibe with it. It felt a little Shabby Chic to me (remember when that was a huge thing)? But, the more I see it popping up in design, the more I’m warming up to the look and I feel like it can be incorporated into other styles to add a little flair and softness.

These French seam upholstered headboards do just that. They’ll add a little touch of French charm to a space, without having to redo everything (of course, you can do that too though, if you want).

I found some gorgeous French seam upholstered headboards in two price points and want to share them with you today.

French Seam Upholstered Headboards:

One of these is from Crate & Barrel. I’ve bought quite a few things from them over the years and the quality really speaks for itself. Their stuff lasts. We picked up their Axis sofa 6 years ago and it’s been the best couch we’ve ever had. I have no doubt their French seam upholstered headboard would be excellent quality and stand the test of time. It’s available in a lot of fabrics and extends down to the floor. I’ve included the colors here that I’ve found similar save options for.

French seam upholstered headboard

This soft gray is my personal favorite on this list. Goes with so many colors and home decor styles. Keep scrolling to see other color options that are available t both price points or click on the link to see all of your options for a particular designer. Both are on the affordable side and under $1000, which is awesome.

Crate & Barrel Avada Upholstered Headboard – $799

Larkmont French Seam Upholstered Headboard – $400

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french seam upholstered headboard

Love this soft neutral brown option available for both as well. I’ve been hearing that gray is out and brown is in, but really I say do what you like. You have to live with it. Trends come and go, colors will come and go, that gray will come back in style, and the brown will go out someday. Create a space you love.

french seam upholstered headboard

My current headboard is an upholstered darker gray like this. I love it and it adds a lot to the room, but it does make it a bit challenging to choose paint or decor for the walls.

french seam upholstered headboard

This design really looks great in light colors like this beige, cream linen. Gives the whole look an airiness and softness that goes well with the style.

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I hope you find something that you love today.

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