66 Sophisticated Japanese Girl Names You’ll Love!

japanese girl names

We’ve been rewatching the entire Gilmore Girls series over here (so good!) and it’s reminded me how much I love the name Suki, which is of Japanese origin.

Then, I remembered that I shared my favorite modern Japanese boy names with you awhile ago and never wrote the female counterpart.

Well, let’s fix that, shall we?

I’m a huge fan of Japanese culture. I’d love to visit someday, especially during their cherry blossom tree festival – because I think they are THE most beautiful tree.

Plus, with chic and sophisticated girl names like Mika, Nara, and Risa – how could you not want to have another baby just to use one of these gorgeous Japanese girl names?

66 Japanese Girl Names You’ll Love:

japanese girl names

  1. Aia
  2. Aimi
  3. Airi
  4. Aiya
  5. Akari
  6. Akiara
  7. Akemi
  8. Ami
  9. Aneko
  10. Anzu
  11. Aratani
  12. Aya
  13. Chiaki
  14. Chiasa
  15. Chie
  16. Chiyo
  17. Dai
  18. Emi
  19. Emica
  20. Emiko
  21. Eri
  22. Gen
  23. Hachi
  24. Haia
  25. Hana – Love
  26. Harua
  27. Himari
  28. Jona
  29. Kanna
  30. Kairy
  31. Kaiya
  32. Kayda
  33. Kei
  34. Keiko
  35. Keomi
  36. Kiyo
  37. Maemi
  38. Mai
  39. Maiya
  40. Mayumi
  41. Mika
  42. Miki
  43. Mikka
  44. Mio
  45. Mirai
  46. Miyah
  47. Miyoko
  48. Nanami
  49. Nara
  50. Nishi
  51. Noa
  52. Nori
  53. Rei
  54. Rika
  55. Rin
  56. Risa
  57. Rumi
  58. Ruri
  59. Sachi
  60. Sada
  61. Sora
  62. Sakura
  63. Suki
  64. Tami
  65. Yuina
  66. Yuri


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japanese girl names


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