Fab Deal$: A Pottery Barn Capiz Floral Flushmount & Pendant Dupe That’ll Light You Up!

pottery barn capiz light dupe

I recently ordered a gorgeous capiz chandelier for over my bathtub. I’ve been looking at capiz lights and chandeliers for years and I think the very first one I saw was the Pottery Barn Capiz Floral Pendant.

The soft petal shaped capiz shells create a moody, diffused light that is just perfect in so many rooms, like bathrooms, bedrooms and even dining rooms.

For a long time there was nothing out that was quite like the floral collection at Pottery Barn, and while they are not outrageously priced at all (and PB quality is top notch), there are some dupes on the market for now that make this look even more accessible. So, if you’ve been eyeing the beautiful Pottery Barn capiz floral flushmount or pendant – you are going to love this dupes!

Let’s take a look at the original and then the dupe and you tell me what you think!

Pottery Barn Capiz Flushmount Dupe:

pottery barn capiz light dupe

Pottery Barn Capiz Floral Flushmount: 


White Capiz Lotus Flushmount:


Pottery Barn Capiz Floral Pendant Dupe:

pottery barn capiz light dupe

Pottery Barn Capiz Flower Pendant: 


White Capiz Lotus Pendant: 


More Pottery Barn Dupes:

Sometimes, I find a dupe for the PB product and sometimes PB IS the dupe for an even more expensive piece! Either way, it’s a great way to see if you want to splurge on that one thing you really love or if you’ll be just as happy with a look for less.



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I hope you found something you love today. I really believe we can all have a home that looks and feels the way we want for the price we can afford.

Have a fabulous day,




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