8 Affordable Storage Cabinets You Won’t Believe Are From Target

storage cabinets from target

One of the bestselling items on the blog is storage cabinets. Makes sense, since we all have stuff and we have to put it somewhere – might as well be a gorgeous cabinet that doubles as art. Plus, storage cabinet design has really come along way. There are some truly beautiful pieces out there and I wish I had room for all of them in my house.

Of course, that level of design often comes with a hefty price tag. Unless you’re looking at one of these stunners from Target, where the most expensive option is just $600. I mean, just look at this one. Nobody would guess you got this from Target:

storage cabinets from target

The line-up of storage cabinets available at Target, most of them designed by high-end designers, is so amazing, I wanted to write an entire post dedicated to them. So, if you’re in the market for a storage cabinet and don’t want to cash out your 401k to buy it, have no fear, these storage cabinets are here.

8 Gorgeous Storage Cabinets from Target:
storage cabinets from target

1. Target Promontory Cabinet – Available in white or black

2. Target Kensington Display Cabinet – Stunning.

3. Target Brandeis Woven Cabinet with Drawers

4. Target Thousand Oaks Black Cabinet

5. Target Arched Woven Cabinet

6. Target Crystal Cove Two-Tone Cabinet

7. Target Wood & Glass Cabinet

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I hope you found what you’re looking for at the price you wanted to spend.

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