10 Chic Luggage Racks for a Swanky Guest Room ($40 and up!)

luggage rack

The holidays are coming and we know what that means: it’s time to dust your guest bedroom and get ready for those visitors. While I don’t have a swanky, dedicated room just for houseguests, I do have a fold out couch in my office and I try to spruce up the area when guests arrive by adding some little touches that make them feel comfortable.

Luggage racks are one of those simple, easy things that fold up and store away easily, but guests really appreciate them. It gets their bags off the floor and helps them stay more organized. I started this post by looking for affordable options for higher end luggage racks, and while I found a great option that I’ll share below, I also found so many really cool and chic luggage racks, like the acrylic and leather option, that just blew my mind. I had no idea luggage racks had come so far. These luggage racks aren’t just functional. Some of these are like pieces of foldable art that will adorn your guest room in style.

So, here’s a round-up of the coolest luggage racks from $40 and up, in case you’re in the market for some, too.

9 Best Luggage Racks for your Guest Room:

luggage racks

  1. 30 inch Extra Wide Luggage Rack – Available in 6 colors
  2. Magnolia Foldable Wood & Leather Luggage Rack – SO GOOD! See picture below.
  3. Eco Luggage Rack with Tassel Straps – Available in 6 gorgeous color options
  4. Monogrammed Luggage Rack – I mean, how chic do you want to be here? These are gorgeous in all 4 colors.
  5. CB2 Acrylic & Leather Luggage Rack – Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?
  6. Luggage Rack with Shelf – Love the added storage on the bottom for things like cosmetic cases and shoes.
  7. Walnut Luggage Rack – Classic. Available in several colors.
  8. Rattan & Leather Luggage Rack – Wow. A stunner. Who knew luggage racks could be gorgeous?
  9. Bamboo Luggage Rack with Nylon Straps – Available in white, tan, and white, this rack has serious style.

I want to show you a close up of this luggage rack, #2 on the list, which is under $100 and a great piece:

luggage rack

*Affiliate links are used here, which means at no cost to you, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase through my links.

Splurge or Save: West Elm Luggage Rack

This walnut luggage rack from West Elm is that perfect neutral that will go with almost any space. It’s beautifully made, but if you’re not hosting often (like me), that price tag might be a bit high. I found a gorgeous option around $50 that has a very similar look. Check them both out here:

luggage racks

The West Elm version is also shared above and here’s that link again:

  1. Walnut Luggage Rack – Classic. Available in several colors.
  2. Save Option: Oak Straight Leg Luggage Rack – Available in several colors

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I hope you found what you’re looking for at the price you wanted to spend.

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