34 Easy & Cute Hairstyles for Girls They’ll Love

hairstyles for girls

My daughter has the most beautiful hair. Long, thick, golden brown, and with enough weight to it to hold pretty much any hairstyle we try (except curls – her hair does not like to be curled). We’ve had fun over the years trying all sorts of different hair bows and styles. But, now, as she gets older, it’s less about the giant, sparkly bow and more about the style itself – and this is not where I shine.

I can shop all day for the perfect hair accessories, such as these adorable bows that have colorful, unicorn hair attached to them, but if she wants some kind of fancy dutch braid, I’m out of my pay grade. So, in the interest of leveling up my hairstyle skills and being able to wow her with my styling abilities, I’ve been doing some research (aka, watching YouTube videos).

I can’t be the only mom who can’t seem to figure out a fishtail, right? If you’re also needing some inspiration for hairstyles for girls, then I hope these videos will inspire you, too. All videos are linked to the original creator, so definitely click on any you love and visit their page for even more amazing hairstyle inspo. Because these are videos, they can sometimes take a few seconds to load, so if you’re not seeing anything right away, hang tight. They will show up.

Cute Hairstyles for Girls:

 1. 5 Easy Hairstyles for Girls – Kait Nichole

These hairstyles are so cute and I love that they are not too intimidating for us beginners, lol. The messy double buns are adorable and definitely something I can accomplish on a busy school morning. These are great twists on classic styles that most of us can achieve with a little practice.

2. Easy Braids Hairstyle – nkemjeffrey

I love this cute look and she gets those parts just right, which is always something I struggle with.  I will admit I am not the strongest braider, so having it start with a ponytail is definitely easier for me. This is a great look if your daughter has beautiful, thick hair.

3. 3 5-Minute Back to School Hairstyles for Girls – Tessi Wood

I love these three styles that are quick and easy, but look very pulled together and will get her hair up. My daughter’s hair tangles so easy and so I am always trying to get her hair up. The side bun one is especially cute. Plus, I aprpeciate that there isn’t any complicated braiding here, which will be faster for me.

4. 10 Easy Hairstyles for Girls with Shorter Hair – Lizas Braids

These are really incredible. Watching her do these so easily gives me a false sense of confidence in my own skills. But, these would be great hairstyles for school, especially, but I think I would need to start by practicing them on the weekend when I’m not in a rush. Beautiful ideas, though.

5. 5 Easy Hairstyles for Girls  – Kait Nichole

I loved these 5 hairstyles, also from Kait Nichole, mostly because they incorporate big bows, which is something my daughter is all about. My daughter also really liked all of these when we were scrolling for hairstyles, and let’s be honest – hair time is always easier when she’s excited for the end result.

6. Adorable Kids Hairstyle for Natural Hair – Forever Shavanté

It’s amazing how easily she puts this together, and her and her daughter are so cute together. I loved watching this one and so did my daughter. If you are good at getting clean parts like this, then this would be a great option.

7. 3 5-Minute Elastic Hairstyles – Tessi Wood

These super cute styles only require elastics.  This is definitely something I could do. If you have a hard time getting these elastics off without damaging hair, use a drop of lemon oil on each one and it’ll pop it open. It’s unlikely you can reuse hair ties like this anyway, so save the hair by just popping the elastics off. Because of the potential damage getting these out, I usually use more colorful and soft hair ties that are easier to remove.

8. 3 Simple & Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair – MyMissAnand

This beauty has thick hair like my daughter, so I really liked seeing how this mom styles it. These styles are something that I could definitely manage and they turn out so cute.

9. 3 Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls –

Three more really cute and fairly easy hairstyles that would be great for school. I definitely think I could do at least 2 of these and they would keep my daughter’s hair from getting all tangled. So cute.


There are a million more hairstyles that you could look for on YouTube, but many of them are too involved or intricate for me and what I’m looking for. But, if you are a more advanced hairstylist, then absolutely go for it and have fun. If you’re looking for quick, cute and easy, these ideas should definitely inspire you to try something new.

If hairstyling time is not a fun time for you and your daughter, here are some tips that might help you out 🙂


hairstyles for girls

Find a fun distraction: The name of the game here is distraction. And, maybe some bribing – considering how long you think it might take. This is the time to bust out the tablet and put on her favorite cartoon. If you think it’s going to take awhile, get her a snack and some water, too, and make it as fun as possible.

Let her by the stylist, too: Get one of her dolls that has hair she can style. If she is styling her doll while you are styling her hair, it’ll be like your very own mini hair salon.

Get comfy: Choose a location that will allow both of you to relax and focus. Find a quiet, comfortable spot where she’s sitting in a comfortable position and you are at the right angle to reach her hair. Experiment with different places until you find your spot and then stick to it. That routine will help it go more smoothly.

It takes practice:  It’ll take time to get better and for both of you to make it part of the routine. Start with basics and don’t be afraid to stop a style that just isn’t working for either of you. The more you practice, the better you both will get. Plus, I always tell myself, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s more important that neither of us hate hair styling time than the style is perfect. Plus, it’s going to get messed up anyway. It just is. I refuse to run around behind her fixing it all day. Nobody needs to live like that. So, style it once and then let it go.

The more enjoyable the experience, the more likely you both will want to do more of them in the future. There’s no reason for it to be a nightmare; plan in advance for ways to make it fun and memorable.


hairstyles for girls

When it comes to styling hair, you’ll need a few tools. I keep all of ours in a basket and just take carry the basket over when it’s hair time and then put the basket back. Keeping it all in a central location has been key to making it work. Here’s our favorites:

  • Best detangler. Makes hair soft and workable, without being sticky or greasy.
  • Best hairsprayLove that it has essential oils that detour lice. I am terrified of getting lice!
  • Best brush. Helps with detangling, but soft on their heads.
  • Best comb. You’ll need a comb to separate hair in straight lines. I wouldn’t use this to brush hair, though, or it’ll rip it.
  • Best mousse. For really fine hair, mousse can help give it some thickness and help it hold the style longer.

If you’re having a hard time storing all those hair ties and bows, check out this post where I share all the ways I store and organize our own collection.

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More Beautiful Hairstyles:

hairstyles for girls

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Hope you found what you’re looking for.

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