Fab Deal$: 3 Incredible Eames Chair Replicas You Won’t Believe!

eames chair replica

The Herman Miller Eames Chair is a bit of a unicorn – comfortable and stylish – well-made and unique. It’s all the things…except affordable.

Luckily, you can grab the style and comfort for a fraction of the price, with Eames Chair replicas that are quite similar, still striking, but a price most could afford.

I love making design within reach, so let’s take a look at both the original Eames Chair and the lookalike below:

The Original Eames Chair:

eames chair replica

This stunning creation was introduced in 1956 and started a club chair fad that is still ongoing. According to the website, “it has become one of the most significant furniture designs of the twentieth century—instantly recognizable and enduringly fresh.”

We agree. Just look at this beauty:

eames chair replica

But, ringing it at around $6,500, it’s just not within reach for everyone. Good news, though, I have some alternatives for you that will get you this mid-century modern club chair style for less.

3 Herman Miller Eames Chair Replicas:

1. Most Affordable Eames Chair Replica from Amazon:

I love this black leather replica of the Eames Chair. It look so comfortable. It is available in different colors, too, so you’ll have options.

eames chair replica

This one is the most affordable replica on the list – ringing in at under $700!!!

eames chair replica

Check out the most affordable Eames Chair replica on Amazon here.

1. Eames Chair Replica from Amazon:

This gorgeous replica is available in the white leather and has a very similar look and design:

eames chair replica


Absolutely beautiful. And, great news, it’s under a thousand dollars at time of posting! Yeehaw!

Check out the Eames Chair replica from Amazon here.

2. Eames Chair Replica from Wayfair:

Look at this beauty! Wowza!

eames chair replica

Also comes in a gorgeous white leather, similar to the original. Similar gorgeous lines and mid-century style.

eames chair replica


And, wait for it, the black leather is under $900 at time of posting and the white was under $920! That’s a HUGE savings of THOUSANDS!

Check out the Wade Logan Tufted Leather Swivel Chair and Ottoman here.


What do you think? Which one of these Eames chair replicas would you say is the best? Do you love the mid-century modern chair style?

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Have a fabulous day,


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