Splurge or Save: Pottery Barn Avalon Upholstered Storage Corner Bed

pottery barn avalon upholstered storage bed

A few years ago, I bought an adorable upholstered pink bed for my daughter. It was an affordable version of a designer bed and I thought, “I’ll just try it and if it isn’t well-made, I’ll return it.” I ended up keeping it after being very impressed with the quality and now that we have had it for years, we love it even more. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable to sleep in. I’m sold on upholstered beds for kids.

So, now that we are replacing the boys’ beds, I’m back on the hunt for upholstered beds that will work in their spaces. I love this upholstered corner storage bed from Pottery Barn. It would work perfectly in the corner of their room and leave plenty of room for the second bed. I have no doubt it’s well made and built to last, as everything I’ve bought from PB has been. But, there’s a similar look for less that offers a similar vibe. There are differences, for sure, so always pay attention to those details when choosing the right one for your space.

Pottery Barn Avalon Upholstered Corner Storage Bed & Similar:

pottery barn avalon upholstered storage bed

Pottery Barn Avalon Upholstered Corner Storage Bed – Available in 3 sizes and many colors

Merax Upholstered Bed – Available in 4 colors, 2 sizes, and 2 variations (drawers or trundle). Pricing varies based on sites, but I’ve seen prices from$285-$350. You can also find some of the colors available here.

One difference that stands out to me is that the drawers are on a track on the PB version. The save option, they are separate and you’ll need to push them under. Something to think about if you plan to use the drawers often.

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