60 Best, Modern Arabic Boy Names for Your Little Prince

arabic boy names

Let’s talk about the best Arabic boy names! While many of these are going to sound less mainstream than the Arabic girl names, there are still a lot of great options here that will be easy to pronounce and spell.

Personally, I love how many Middle-Eastern names use X and Z for the first letter. Not only do I love those two letters, but names with them are just vastly underused!

Many Arabic names have been super popular all over the world for many years. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that names like Xavier and Zayn are both Arabic names!

I also love how Arabic boy names are similar to Persian boy names. Sometimes, I wish I had picked baby names that used these letters, because they just up the cool factor and make them really unique.

Some of my all-time favorite names are Arabic names, so it’s only fitting to write an entire post with my favorite Arabic boy names!

Best Modern & Unique Arabic Boy Names:

arabic boy names

  1. Adam
  2. Adam
  3. Amir
  4. Ali
  5. Ahmad
  6. Ahmed
  7. Amin
  8. Anwar
  9. Avan – Love this more unique name with similarities to Aidan.
  10. Ayman
  11. Aziz
  12. Bilel
  13. Caspian
  14. Camil – A trendy name meaning “he who is perfect”! Can’t beat that!
  15. Cyrus – While technically of Persian origin, it is also used by Arabic families
  16. Faris – Such a chic name
  17. Hashim
  18. Iman
  19. Isa
  20. Jad – Tired of Jay? Try Jad!
  21. Jamal
  22. Jasim
  23. Jevon – Love this name.
  24. Kamal
  25. Kairo – I think this is very chic.
  26. Karim
  27. Khalid
  28. Mahdi
  29. Malik – This one is a great name, too.
  30. Mohammed

arabic boy names

  1. Mounir – Know a young Mounir – great name!
  2. Murad
  3. Naseem
  4. Nasir
  5. Niam – What a great alternative to Liam.
  6. Omari
  7. Quran
  8. Raed – Great version of Reed with a powerful meaning of “leader, pioneer”
  9. Rafi
  10. Rami
  11. Rashad
  12. Rashid
  13. Rayan
  14. Raza
  15. Sahil
  16. Salim
  17. Sami
  18. Sari
  19. Tariq
  20. Usman
  21. Walid
  22. Wassim
  23. Xavian
  24. Xavier
  25. Yahir
  26. Zaden – Step aside Aidan, Caden, Jayden and Brayden.
  27. Zaid
  28. Zaki
  29. Zayn – Thanks to Zayn Malik, this zoomed up up the baby name charts!
  30. Zavier

Want More Baby Names?

arabic boy names

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