46 Cool & Modern Persian Boy Names for Your Iranian Prince!

persian boy names

I have a soft spot for anything Persian, including Persian baby names, since my kids are part Persian! Luckily, they got blessed with the mile-long eyelashes and gorgeous thick hair of their Persian relatives.  But, I’ll be stuck using eyelash serums forever just trying to keep up with my lucky kids.

Why I Love Persian Boy Names:

persian boy names

But, back to baby names, something I love about Persian names, which is also the case with Arabic names, is they use letters like X, Y and Z a lot more than you’ll see in European names. I happen to love this exotic flair and the unique quality that it gives to baby names. Names like Azar, Javon and Reza are easy to pronounce in many languages, but are not something you’ll hear every day, either.

While there are so many more beautiful Persian boy names, I stuck with the more modern choices on the curated list below that I felt could translate well for the international family.

So, if you’ve been looking for something with a little pizzazz, you might find the perfect name for your new little best friend here on this list.

Cool Persian Boy Names:

persian boy names

1. Ali

2. Amir

3. Arman

4. Artin

5. Ashkan

6. Azar

7. Baraz

8. Behnam

9. Cas

10. Casper

11. Cye

12. Cyrus

13. Darien

14. Darius

15. Dastan

16. Ebi

17. Emad

18. Farzin

19. Finn

20. Finneas

21. Gulzar

22. Jahan

23. Jasper

24. Javed

25. Javon

26. Jesper

27. Judea

28. Kamran

29. Kaveh

30. Kayan

31. Keyvan

33. Kiyan

34. Mirza

35. Navid

36. Nima

37. Omid

38. Payam

39. Peyman

40. Rahim

41. Reza

42. Roshan

43. Sargon

44. Tamaz

45. Xerxes

46. Zerin

Want More Baby Names?

persian boy names

Would you choose a Persian boy name? Or, do you prefer something more unique, like a nature inspired boy name or a strong, short boy names? You may even love these vintage boy names – classic and timeless! Or, for more beautiful names that have a similar vibe, check out my post with Arabic boy names.

If you’re preparing for a baby, be sure to download the free baby name faves tracker and find dozens of baby name posts. Or, check out the 25 must-haves on your baby registry and print the hospital bag checklist!

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