85 Handsome Vintage Boy Names That Will Always Be Cool!

vintage boy names

Naming a baby can be such a challenge! Long gone are the days of just naming your baby after a relative and calling it a day. But, not every parent wants to pick the most unusual baby name they can come up with (like these). Some parents are looking for that perfect timeless, classic name that will never go out of style. That’s the beauty of vintage names – they have that retro-cool vibe. After all, everything old becomes new again (looking at you tie dye!).

Now, not all vintage names make the cut. Certain names are best left in the past, like maybe – Bartholomew. That’s why this list curates the vintage boy names that are both traditional and chic, for the ultimate collection of stylish names.

If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect baby name for your little boy (or your little girl), perhaps a blast from the past that is vintage (not old) will be the right choice for you. Let’s check out the list!

Best Vintage Boy Names:

vintage boy names

  1. Aaron
  2. Abel
  3. Adam – One of my all-time favorite names. I mean – hello Adam Levine!
  4. Alexander
  5. Allen
  6. Andrew
  7. Andy
  8. Anthony
  9. Asher
  10. August
  11. Benjamin – All Ben’s are awesome.
  12. Bradley
  13. Brian
  14. Caleb
  15. Cassian
  16. Charles
  17. Christian
  18. Christopher
  19. Clark
  20. Daniel
  21. David
  22. Dominic
  23. Edison
  24. Edward
  25. Eli
  26. Elias
  27. Eliott
  28. Eric
  29. Ethan
  30. Ezekiel
  31. Ezra
  32. Frank
  33. Finn
  34. Gabriel
  35. George
  36. Graham
  37. Harry
  38. Henry
  39. Hugh
  40. Isaac
  41. Jack – Timeless!
  42. Jacob
  43. James
  44. Jeremiah
  45. John

vintage boy names

  1. Jonathan
  2. Joshua
  3. Joseph – My brother’s name!
  4. Josiah
  5. Jude
  6. Julian – Love.
  7. Leo – A fave.
  8. Luke
  9. Mark
  10. Michael
  11. Matthew
  12. Maxwell
  13. Nathan
  14. Nathaniel
  15. Nicholas
  16. Noah
  17. Oliver
  18. Oscar
  19. Patrick
  20. Paul
  21. Peter
  22. Philip
  23. Richard
  24. Robert
  25. Roman
  26. Samuel
  27. Sean
  28. Sebastian – Adore this name.
  29. Simon
  30. Solomon
  31. Stephen
  32. Theodore
  33. Thomas
  34. Timothy
  35. Truman
  36. Victor
  37. Wallace
  38. Wesley
  39. William
  40. Zachary


Want more baby names?

Would you choose a vintage boy name? Or, do you prefer something more unique, like a nature inspired boy name or a strong, short boy names?

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