75 Beautiful Arabic Girl Names You Will Love!

arabic girl names

Many Arabic names have been super popular all over the world for many years. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that names like Layla and Aaliyah are both Arabic names!

Something that I love about Arabic girl names is their similarity to Persian girl names. They use a lot of the letters that I don’t see as often in other names, such as y and z. I really wish I had picked baby names that used these letters, because they just up the cool factor and make them really unique.

Some of my all-time favorite names are Arabic names, so it’s only fitting to write an entire post with my favorite Arabic girl names! And, if you’re looking the perfect, modern Arabic boy name – go here.

Modern & Beautiful Arabic Girl Names:

arabic girl names

1. Aaliyah – My friend has an Aaliyah. She is as beautiful as the name.

2. Adara

3. Adina

4. Aida

5. Aisha – I know a lovely Aisha. Great name.

6. Alzira

7. Amal

8. Amani

9. Amara

10. Amina

11. Amira

12. Anisa

13. Ara

14. Asa

15. Asha

16. Asma

17. Aza

18. Azaria – So unique and beautiful!

19. Azia

20. Eliya

21. Emira

22. Farrah – One of my ALL-TIME favorite names!

23. Fatima

24. Hadiyah

25. Iman

26. Imani

27. Issa – Love this.

28. Jaeda – The spelling here is 100.

29. Jamila

30. Kalilah

31. Kamilah

32. Kayla

33. Layla – I almost picked this name for my daughter. Still love it.

34. Lila

35. Lina

36. Lyla

37. Maja

38. Malika

39. Marya

40. Mariam

arabic girl names

41. Nadira

42. Nahla

43. Nasima

44. Nasira

45. Noor – Huda of Huda Beauty named her daughter this. CHIC. CHIC. CHIC.

46. Nyla

47. Raja

48. Rana

49. Ranya

50. Rashida

51. Rima

52. Sada

53. Safiyah

54. Sahara

55. Salima

56. Salma

57. Samar

58. Samira

59. Samiya – I adore this name. Had a student with this name and we called her Sami. LOVE.

60. Sari

61. Sariya

62. Senna – Such a chic spin on Sienna.

63. Shamara

64. Soraya

65. Thana

66. Yadira

67. Yamina

68. Yara – YUP. YUP. YUP.

69. Yasmin

70. Yesenia

71. Zaida

72. Zara – I talk about this one in my post on regal girl names fit for a queen!

73. Zariah – Gorgeous.

74. Zayna

75. Zora


arabic girl names

These names have such incredible flare, style and panache. I absolutely love them. Would you pick an Arabic girl name for your little one? I’d love to hear your favorite name below!

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Have a fabulous day!



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