27 Quick & Easy Claw Clip Hairstyles to Get Your Hair Off Your Neck

claw clip hairstyles

Unlike most things that have come back from my teenage years, I was actually happy to see claw clips coming back into fashion! Claw clips are my jam! Don’t have super thick hair to make a giant, sexy, messy bun? Use a claw clip! Hate having a big kink in your hair from a ponytail holder? Use a claw clip! Hair wet from the pool? Use a claw clip!

I’m a big fan of claw clips and it was a very exciting day when I started seeing them pop up in stores in all sorts of fun styles and patterns.

And, like most things that have come back, the new generation is putting their spin on it and in the case of claw clips, I think they do it better! There are so many fun hairstyles I’ve been seeing that use claw clips and it’s making me a little bit more excited for the blistering heat that is headed our way very shortly.

So, if you’ve been looking for some claw clip hair inspo, too, I’ve got you covered. I’m sharing all the great claw clip hairstyles I’ve curated for my own use here below. I wish I was a hair goddess who could whip up these stunning hair tutorials, but they are not mine and I cannot take credit. Please see each video to see the original creator and make sure to visit their channels to find even more hair tutorials!

Now, get all your claw clips out and let’s get started!

Best Claw Clips:

To pull off any of these styles, you’ll need some claw clips. If you tossed them all decades ago, good news, you can find them almost anywhere and they are so, so cute. I just picked up a few really cute claw clips at H&M and it inspired me to go down the rabbithole of claw clips, so I rounded up some of my favorites!

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Claw Clip Hairstyles To Get Your Hair Off Your Neck

Claw clips are my jam and Alex Gaboury is a queen. That pretty much sums up these gorgeous hairstyles that are going to elevate your claw clip style into something more masterful than the twist and clip that I usually do.

2. 10 Easy Claw Clip Hairstyles | Awesome Hairstyles

I didn’t even know there were 10 ways to use a claw clip – but Awesome Hairstyles has proven me wrong. I think these are all so cute and while she has medium/long hair, I think a lot of these could work on shorter hair. My hair is just below shorter length now and there’s a few of these I could use.

3. 4 Hair Claw Hairstyles | Lainey Marie Beauty

First of all, I love the black and white claw clip she uses here and second, I love the hairstyles. The half-up claw clip styles are just brilliant. This means I need more sizes of claw clips, though, and I’m not mad about it.

4. 7 Claw Clip Hairstyles for Curly Hair | The Curly Story

I have always wished that I had curly hair. It just looks better in every style, IMO. I love The Curl Story and the hairstyles for curly hair. These claw clip hairstyles are so great and look perfect with curly hair.

5. 3 Claw Clip Hairstyles for Short Hair |  1-Minute Hairstyles

Can you use claw clips if you have shorter hair? Yes, yes, you can. These 3 hairstyles are specifically designed for shorter hair. So, don’t let your hair type or length hold you back from getting on the claw clip train.

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I hope this inspired you to get out your claw clips and start clipping. I know I will be – and just in time for summer, too.

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