Is the Hanacure mask worth it? You’ve gotta read this honest review.

Is the Hanacure mask worth it? You’ve gotta read this honest review.

I am nothing if not a total sucker for Instagram marketing. So, when I couldn’t stop seeing the Hanacure face mask all over my feed – I knew it was only a matter of time before I was adding that $26 one-time face mask to my cart. #Cha-Ching!

But, once it arrived at my door, I took an abnormally long time to try it out. Given that a good chunk of my job here on the blog is to try new beauty products and share it all with you – this surprised me, too. It was almost as if I didn’t want to know if the mask heralded by celebrities everywhere for supposedly turning back the clock a cool decade really worked or not.

After all, this is 2020, and I wasn’t sure if I could handle anymore disappointment. So, the box sat there on my counter – taunting me – week after week.

Finally, I could take it no longer and I had to find out for myself if the Hanacure mask was worth the hype.

The Hanacure Mask Experiment:

When it was time to finally try the Hanacure Mask, I did what most women do – I called my bestie for moral support and told her to stay on the line with me while I tried the world’s most popular face mask.

Like any true friend, she not only obliged – she demanded that I FaceTime her during the 20 minutes I had to leave the mask on and began taking screenshots of my scary, frozen face.

She’s such a good friend.

So, together, we worked our way through the instructions. At first, the instruction booklet was helpful, with simple instructions to add the activator to the base and then “shake vigorously” until it forms a gel. Easy. Then, you are told to brush the entire thing on your face and neck, avoiding the eye area, of course (which endlessly annoys me, since that is the primary area of my face I’d like to see some results), and then you wait 20 minutes.

But, this is when it gets fun – it suggests that during that 20 minutes of mask time, you begin to fan your face. Now, I don’t typically keep face fans lying around my home, so I scoffed at this direction and said to my friend, “Why on earth would I FAN MY FACE?”

“Ohmigod,” she said, “What exactly is this mask going to do to you?”

I didn’t know – but I was going to find out.

So, I mixed, I vigorously shook, I lathered on my face mask – which actually felt wonderful with the super soft little mask brush – and then I began to wait. At first, nothing about the Hanacure mask felt unusual at all. I was still able to talk normally and mostly jabbered on about how much I loved applying the mask with the little brush.

Seriously, I am going to start applying all of my face masks with a brush. Hanacure is really on to something there.

Anyway, little by little I began to feel it. The tightening. The sensation became stronger and stronger until the feeling was as if invisible hands were pulling my skin backward, away from the center of my face, towards my ears.

The feeling intensified as the clock ticked – and I found myself checking the time more frequently, wondering how on earth I could leave this thing on for another ten minutes! Would I have any skin left?

At this point, my face was completely frozen and I could barely move my face at all to talk. My friend started snapping pictures of my face and sending them to me, laughing hilariously at my awkward misfortune.

“You just wait,” I slurred, “When this comes off, I’m going to look amaaaaaazing.”

A little over halfway through the sensation of my skin being pulled taught grew to an even more uncomfortable proportion. I had a growing desire to, wait for it, fan my face. Except, I still didn’t have a fan, or even a standing fan to stand in front of, so out of sheer desperation I tried to recreate the feeling with anything I could grab hold of: hand towels, a book, my own hands.

At this point, my friend was in full on hysterics, laughing at me as I scoured my home for anything that I could use to create air flow  – or anything that would offer relief from the uncomfortable tightening sensation on my face.

The End of the Hanacure Mask:

Once you’ve reached the 20 minute mark, the tightening seems to have reached its limit and the masks slowly starts to crack. Little by little, the mask gives away, leaving the appearance of a bunch of little wrinkles all over your face.

Somehow, in 20 minutes, you seem to age decades. Not exactly the direction any of us want to go – but I knew this would hopefully wash away and leave my skin renewed and my friend very jealous.

Finally, it was time to wash away the Hanacure mask. I couldn’t wait to get this thing off and reached for my super soft face towel and warm water to do the trick.

Luckily, it dissolves almost on contact. Very little effort is required to rinse away the mask – revealing in its wake a rosier, tighter face. In fact, I even noticed that the skin around my eyes looks tighter, even when I smile, an effect that has lasted since doing the mask.

When I applied makeup the next morning – it glided on and didn’t settle in to those formerly pesky fine lines. Of course, I still used primer, but there was definitely a tighter, more youthful glow to my skin.

Is the Hanacure Mask worth it?

While my skin is not your skin – I can tell you this: I do a lot of face masks, most of which don’t seem to do very much and others that get you your money’s worth. The Hanacure mask is a truly unique experience that does get you results. How long will they last? The jury is still out on that one – but I will say that from what I’ve seen, I’ll absolutely be doing this one again.

Does it get you facelift results? Well, it certainly feels like a facelift in the moment – but I’m not convinced that anything can mimic the experience of a real facelift. My expectations are really for a temporary noticeable difference – and the Hanacure mask certainly satisfies that requirement.

However, at $26 a mask – it is cost prohibitive and not something I can afford to do every week or even every month. But a few times a year? Absolutely.

Have you tried the Hanacure mask? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. If you haven’t, feel free to use my referral link and get $20 off your first order. Then, come back and tell me all about it.

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