231 Creative Boy Dog Names for Your Furbaby!

boy dog names

Naming a dog can be a challenge! If you are sharing the task with other family members, you’ll inevitably run into the issue that someone will want a non-name name, like Barker, Chicken or Sugar, while others will want a human name, like Sophie and Brad.

Merging this wide range of opinions is no easy task. Luckily for you, I’ve decided to round up 231 of the best boy dog names, with lots of options to inspire the name of your next male furbaby.

After all, once I saw that you loved dog names as much as baby names when I published this post on the 101 most popular girl dog names, I knew I had no choice but to follow it with one for our little boy pups.

4 Quick Tips for Naming a Boy Dog:

boy dog namesWhen thinking about dog names, here a couple of fun tips to consider:

1. Shorter is Better –

Some say that 3 syllables or less is idea for a dog. Any longer and they may not recognize it as their own name. Of course, you’re welcome to give them a nice long, distinguished name, like Sir William Furgison Barker, with the intent that you’ll usually just call him Barker, but if you really did want to rattle off that whole name every time – expect training to be extra difficult.

2. Avoid Family Names –

It’s cute to name your baby after your grandma, but if you name your dog a family name, or something very similar, you could run into some confusion. Dogs can’t distinguish when you’re referring to them or not – and neither can small children.

I knew someone who’s sister named her dog her daughter’s nickname. Both dog and baby were very confused when they were all together and it’s a big reason why we ended up going with a different name for our daughter. Not long before she was born, my sister in law told me the name of their new pup and it was too similar for my comfort zone.

3. Keep it Easy –

A dog name that is easy to pronounce is helpful when training, since the dog will begin to recognize their name from anyone who says it.

A name that is a challenge to say correctly will be frustrating for everyone involved, except maybe the dog, who will have no idea you’re even talking to them.

4. Have Fun –

This is your chance to get really creative! Name that dog after a favorite TV character or superhero (Thor). Name them after a place you love to go (Maui) or something you love to eat or drink (Mocha).

You can get as creative or literal as you want, without the same stress and potential regret when naming a human.

Let’s take a look at some fun names for your boy dog to get you excited!

231 Best Boy Dog Names:

I sure wish I had this list when I was naming our black lab, Zoey! I’ve combined all types of names here, from famous figures to fun food names to give you as much variety as possible! If you know you’re getting a black dog, find over 100 black dog names in this post!

And, if you’re looking for some tips on the best dog supplies – check out my post with 10 must-have dog supplies! 

Boy Dog Names Starting with A:

  1. Ace
  2. Ajax
  3. Apollo
  4. Astro
  5. Achilles
  6. Archie
  7. Atlas – Great name – also on our list of 180 cute boy dog names!
  8. Atticus
  9. Axel

Boy Dog Names Starting with B:

  1. Bandit
  2. Baxter
  3. Barker
  4. Bailey
  5. Basil
  6. Bingo
  7. Blaze
  8. Boomer
  9. Buddy
  10. Butter – food names can be so funny. Check out this post for 118 more funny dog names.
  11. Bolt
  12. Brick
  13. Buzz
  14. Bucky

Boy Dog Names Starting with C:

  1. Casper
  2. Champ
  3. Chase
  4. Chewy
  5. Charlie
  6. Chips
  7. Chief
  8. Chex
  9. Cooper
  10. Coconus
  11. Cosmo
  12. Chance

Boy Dog Names Starting with D:

  1. Dane
  2. Denali
  3. Denver
  4. Diesel
  5. Doc
  6. Domino
  7. Dusty

Boy Dog Names Starting with E:

  1. Elvis
  2. Ender
  3. Elton
  4. Eddie
  5. Ernie
  6. Extra

Boy Dog Names Starting with F:

  1. Frankie
  2. Fabio
  3. Felix
  4. Fido
  5. Flash
  6. Feta
  7. Fluffy
  8. Fable

Boy Dog Names Starting with G:

  1. Gizmo
  2. Gunner
  3. Goose
  4. Ghost
  5. Grover
  6. Gatsby
  7. Gandalf
  8. Gibson
  9. Goalie
  10. Griffin

Boy Dog Names Starting with H:

  1. Hank
  2. Hawkeye
  3. Harvey
  4. Homer
  5. Huck
  6. Hunter
  7. Hudson
  8. Harry
  9. Human
  10. Honey
  11. Hamlet
  12. Handsome

Boy Dog Names Starting with I & J:

  1. Iggy
  2. Igor
  3. Jack
  4. Jagger
  5. Jazz
  6. Jinx
  7. Judge
  8. Juju
  9. Jasper
  10. Jax
  11. Jet
  12. Juno

Boy Dog Names Starting with K:

  1. Kaiser
  2. Kale
  3. Koda
  4. Kona
  5. King
  6. Kobe
  7. Kool-aid
  8. Kong

Boy Dog Names Starting with L:

  1. Lambo
  2. Levi
  3. Loki
  4. Lion
  5. Luigi
  6. Luther
  7. Licorice

boy dog names

Boy Dog Names Starting with M:

  1. Matcha
  2. Mocha
  3. Moki
  4. Marley
  5. Midnight
  6. Moose
  7. Murphy
  8. Major
  9. Mario
  10. Maverick
  11. Marshmallow
  12. Mojo
  13. Miles
  14. Meatball
  15. Milo
  16. Mozart

Boy Dog Names Starting with N & O:

  1. Nacho
  2. Newton
  3. Nico
  4. Nero
  5. Nitro
  6. Odin
  7. Oreo
  8. Oscar
  9. Otto
  10. Ozzy

Boy Dog Names Starting with P:

  1. Peanut
  2. Prince
  3. Pablo
  4. Percy
  5. Piglet
  6. Poe
  7. Pepper
  8. Pesto
  9. Pogo
  10. Piper
  11. Pooch

Boy Dog Names Starting with Q and R:

  1. Quincy
  2. Quinn
  3. Queue
  4. Rocco
  5. Romeo
  6. Rescue
  7. Rufus
  8. Rusty
  9. Rebel
  10. Radar
  11. Rambo
  12. Reuben
  13. Rascal
  14. Reese
  15. Remy
  16. Rider
  17. Ringo
  18. Rex
  19. Rocky
  20. Rockwell
  21. Rusty
  22. Ranger

Boy Dog Names Staring with S:

  1. Snacks
  2. Spirit
  3. Samson
  4. Scooter
  5. Scout
  6. Sparky
  7. Shadow
  8. Simba
  9. Sawyer
  10. Spike
  11. Sigmund
  12. Smokey
  13. Socks
  14. Spot
  15. Stitch
  16. Sarge
  17. Storm
  18. Snowball
  19. Smudge
  20. Spider

Boy Dog Names Starting with T:

  1. Taco
  2. Tank
  3. Titan
  4. Thor
  5. Tesla
  6. Tucker
  7. Tyson
  8. Tobin
  9. Truman

Boy Dog Names Starting with U & V:

  1. Ulysses
  2. Usman
  3. Uno
  4. Ultra
  5. Utah
  6. Uncle
  7. Vader
  8. Vinnie
  9. Virgil
  10. Volt
  11. Voodoo
  12. Valor
  13. Victory

Boy Dog Names Starting with W & X:

  1. Walter
  2. Waldo
  3. Winston
  4. Woody
  5. Wolfie
  6. Wiggles
  7. Whopper
  8. Whiskey
  9. Warrior
  10. Xavier
  11. Xerxes

Boy Dog Names Starting with Y & Z:

  1. Yeti
  2. Yoda
  3. Yogi
  4. Yoshi
  5. Yankee
  6. Yatzi
  7. Yapper
  8. Zeus
  9. Zorro
  10. Zest
  11. Ziggy
  12. Zulu
  13. Zing
  14. Zappo
  15. Zero
  16. Zuma


WOW! Are you still with me? There are SO many fun names on this list! I just love it!  Which one is your favorite? Have you used any of these names? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Track your favorite dog names with the free printable in this post!

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