29 Skin & Beauty Hygiene Tips I Want My Daughter to Know!

skin care tips

skin care tips

I have spent years saying the same skin and beauty hygiene tips to my little sisters, nieces, and friends. 

Now that I have a young daughter of my own, I can’t help but think – who will share these things with my daughter if something happens to me? 

Morbid? Yes. But, I’m a realist. 

So, I want to start writing a series of posts that will share the types of lessons, tips and tricks that I would want my daughter to know someday – and not just her – but the skin and beauty tips every woman should know. 


Before we dive in to this first post of its kind, I want to say that these might look a little different for each person based on your age, what’s going on in your life, your health, etc. These are also aspirational and shouldn’t stress you out. 

We can’t always do all the things, am I right?

Plus, some of these link to products I love and recommend and these are affiliate links. Others link to more blog posts where you can get additional info on what I’m talking about. 

Let’s dive in!

Skin Care Tips:

skin care tips

  1. Wash Off Your Makeup – Don’t sleep in your makeup. If you’re exhausted, keep some of these reusable makeup removers around and it’ll only take a couple of minutes.
  2. Learn How To Get Clear Skin – Keeping skin clear from acne and consistent breakouts is more than just the products you put on your face. Take a look at this post with 10 tips for how to get and keep clear skin. These are my actual tips as a person prone to breakouts with adult onset acne (that is gone now, phew!).
  3. Detox Your Skin – Either get regular facials or give yourself a facial at home. You can try a store bought face mask or make your own homemade face mask that will be just as effective! 
  4. Sleep On Silk – If you want to slow signs of aging and keep hair in top shape, consider sleeping on a silk pillowcase. This doesn’t have to be expensive – this Amazon dupe is said to be even better than the original!
  5. Reduce Your Salt Intake – I’m not sure how much salt you are eating, but you probably need less. Almost every person is eating too much salt. Salt causes our bodies to dehydrate faster and retain water, which is not the best look for skin. Am I right?
  6. Watch Your Sugar Intake – I know, this is such a hard one. But, sugar is linked to so many health issues! Plus, it has been shown to accelerate the aging process (no thanks!). You can do a gentle sugar detox and I show you my favorite tips in this post.
  7. Exercise More – Unless you’re at your physical peak, I think we can all use this gentle reminder to take care of our bodies better. You can do a short exercise video at home – here’s my favorites that are all free and on YouTube, do a relaxing yoga video at home, start a pilates practice, or get agro and go to that gym, girl. Exercise has so many health benefits, including increasing circulation and blood supply, which is excellent for skin and beauty!
  8. Start Dry Brushing – It helps your lymphatic system drain, reduces cellulite, promote skin turnover and all sorts of other goodies! I share why I started dry brushing and the health benefits I experienced in this post. Basically, it’s amazing.
  9. Take Your Vitamins – Figure out what your diet is missing or what you need more of and design a vitamin and supplement protocol to fill those gaps. For me, I take at least 10 supplements every day and share all of them in this post.
  10. Drink Your SuperfoodsGreen smoothies are my favorite whenever I am feeling a bit off, tired, a bug coming on, inflammation increased, or just stressed. They are such a great natural detoxifier and make my skin glow!
  11. Just Add Collagen – If you’re not down for a bunch of vitamins or supplements, then just add a scoop of collagen to your daily tea, coffee and/or smoothie. Collagen has so many health benefits, including lubricating joints, improving skin, hair, and nail health. I also notice my hair grows much faster when I regularly drink collagen!
  12. Wash Your Hands – Not just when it’s obvious, but more than that. Wash your hands after shopping in public places, wash your hands after visiting someone else’s house, wash your hands frequently when visiting public places, like parks, concerts, etc., and when you can’t wash your hands – use hand sanitizer. It’s not 100%, but it’s better than nothing.
  13. Shower After Exercise – Even if you don’t sweat that much, we sweat out the toxins that our body needs to drain out so we don’t get sick from them. Shower as soon as you can after working out to make sure you don’t reabsorb the sweat.

skin care tips

Beauty Product Tips:

  1. Wash Your Makeup Brushes – They harbor bacteria that can cause breakouts and other skin issues. Here’s how to clean your makeup brushes and here’s a post on how to clean your beauty blender sponges.
  2. Watch Expiration Dates – On the back of skin care and beauty products are expiration dates. Keep an eye on these dates and toss products when needed. If you don’t open the product right away, you can push the dates back a bit, but once they’ve been opened and used, the clock starts ticking.
  3. Don’t Share Mascara – Some beauty products are safer to share; mascara is not one of them. On that note, mascara doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Learn my top mascara picks for sensitive eyes or take the quiz on how to find the perfect mascara for you.
  4. Don’t Share Eyeliner – Similarly to mascara, eyeliner just touches parts of your eye where your own bacteria gets mixed with the makeup. If you struggle to find your eyeliner spirit animal, read my post on my top eyeliner picks for sensitive eyes.
  5. Don’t Add Things To Your Products – Have you heard of how people will mix saliva, water, or other fillers to their skin and beauty products to make them last longer? Hopefully not, because you shouldn’t be doing it. Saliva, in particular, can really increase bacteria and the risk for infections.


Hair Care Tips:

  1. Sleep In a Bun – Your hair has all sorts of oils, even if it’s freshly cleaned, so consider sleeping with your hair up in a bun. I love these silk scrunchies for keeping my hair from getting strange kinks.
  2. Detox Hair Regularly – Your hair needs to be detoxed, too. All those years of products and styling can do a lot of damage. One way I love to detox my hair is with apple cider vinegar products. Don’t worry, they don’t stink. Read about them in this post.
  3. Brush Your Hair – It’s easy to just stick your hair up in a bun all the time, but brushing your hair really stimulates a healthy scalp, which in turn encourages healthy hair growth. I love these 3 brushes, but find what works for you and take time at least a few times a week to brush your hair from scalp to ends. 
  4. Limit Heat Styling – Sure, there are times when this is not so easy, but try to limit heat styling when you can and let your hair and scalp breathe. I share my favorite hair products for air styling in this post.

skin care tips

Health Tips:

  1. Try To Go Clean – The less toxic chemicals in your products, the better. You can read my post on how to check the chemical toxicity levels in your products on the EWG Skin Deep site or just research clean beauty products that are just as good, if not better, their toxic counterparts. 
  2. Get Some Sleep – We all know we need more sleep, but getting it is the hard part. There are certainly seasons where sleep is harder to come by. But, just keep trying to catch some zzz’s when you can and do whatever you need to do to battle insomnia. I share my top tips for beating insomnia in this post.
  3. Pay attention To Your Body – You know yourself best. Keep an eye on your skin, your hair, your body, how you feel, and if anything ever feels out of balance or you see things repeatedly happening that are uncomfortable – see a doctor. If you find a lump or a new mark on your skin, see a doctor. Basically, stay connected to yourself and pay attention. If a doctor won’t listen to you – find a new doctor. You are your own best advocate. 
  4. Take Time For You – Self care impacts all areas of our health and beauty. When we feel more connected with ourselves and happier, this shows in our face, skin, posture, hair, everything! I share lots of easy self care tips that you can do with very little money or time.
  5. Meditate or Practice Mindfulness – If you’re religious, you might call this prayer, but the idea is the same – taking time out of your day to breathe, focus on the things you want that day or in your life, and say out loud the things you want to see happen in your life and family. I loved writing my post on how to practice mindfulness and the morning routine that changes my day. 
  6. Drink More Water – Whatever you’re drinking – drink more. What does every fad diet have in common? Drink a ton of water. What does every health plan have in common? Drink more water. What does every clear skin post have in common? Drink more water. So, take the simple route to better skin and health and just – drink more water.
  7. Smile – Not only have studies shown that smiling triggers chemicals in our brain that actually make us feel happier, but also, smiling exercises your facial muscles and makes your eyes sparkle.


I’ll probably add more to this list as I think of them, so definitely share any you think I missed in the comments below!

Also, for everyone reading this (and maybe my own daughter someday) I want you to know that these tips do not make you beautiful or increase your beauty. 

You are ALREADY beautiful – from the second you wake up and even if you do none of these things at all. These are just hygiene tips – not laws, not requirements. 

And, if you do them, do them because of how they make YOU feel, not for anyone else. 

Live on your own terms. Always. 

Read more super girl power quotes in one of my favorite posts of all time. 

Have a fabulous day, 




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