10 Easy Ways To Take Care of Yourself in the New Year!

self care

self care

There are certain times of the year when it’s natural to take stock of your life.

Whether it’s New Years, a big birthday, or seeing a relative that is in the last season of their life, these moments cause us to pause and reflect on what we have – and have not – done yet.

But, if you’re anything like me, this triggers this long bucket list of things I want to do and accomplish and experience – and almost none of them are things I can accomplish today.

Especially when you’re taking care of kids – everything takes longer.

So, that’s why I decided to share this post on easy ways we can take care of ourselves. You can call this your self care intentions for the new year.

Self Care Resolutions for the New Year:

These are the little ways that I want to show up for myself and practice some simple self-care  – every day if possible – in the coming year.

These are not the bucket list trips, the big, scary goals, the dreams for my family, or anything bigger than simple things I can realistically do regularly to improve the quality of my own life.

Because, after all, we are in charge of our own happiness – and our happiness creates a ripple effect for everyone around us.

By taking care of ourselves, too, we inadvertently take care of all the people in our tribe who feel better when we are more centered.

Let’s look at the list of easy ways we can show up for ourselves this year:

1. Do a Sugar Detox:

My diet went off the rails, yo. Since my diet has a particularly direct effect on my health, I really need to get it back on track.

Sugar is the worst offender for me and the hardest one to beat, so I have an easy sugar detox method I’ve used before and will use again to wean myself off the sugar.

I’m also doing this with my kids. I’ve allowed too many treats and it really ramps up the crazy behavior and messes with the equilibrium and peaceful routines in our house. I honestly see a big difference in how things go when I limit sugar all around, so it’s worth it.

Here’s a post I wrote on the sugar detox methods I use to do it as gently as possible.

2. Incorporate Easy Self Care:

When you’re limited on time, energy and resources, self-care can start to become another stressor.

It shouldn’t be.

Self-care, at it’s core, is finding simple ways to get yourself back to center. For every person this feels different. I like the idea of short and sweet self-care. Just setting an intention each day to give yourself a few minutes to do something you enjoy – from just drinking a cup of coffee to doing a pilates class.

I wrote a post on 45 easy self-care ideas – most of which are free or affordable and very quick to do.

If your self-care stresses you out, you won’t do it and then you’ll end up like this:


3. Try a Short Yoga Video:

I loooove yoga and pilates for the stretching, relaxation, strengthening and toning. All good things.

If you are feeling tense and stressed, take a few minutes to find a free yoga video and do it right at home.

I wrote a post on my favorite short yoga routines that are free online for chronic pain. These help stretch you out, without causing more pain.

But, you can google Yoga videos for anything – sleep, anxiety, digestive issues, etc.

Even 10-15 minutes right in your living room will do the trick.

And, guess what, kids LOVE yoga. I do these yoga videos with my kids all the time!

So, if kids are stuck indoors for too long due to inclement weather, put on a yoga video to do with the kids and watch it keep their attention and get some wiggles out.

4. Go For a New Hair Style:

New hair, don’t care! New year – new you! There are easy ways to try out new hair styles without committing.

I’ve written a bunch of posts on the blog with great hair style tutorials that are free online:

Or, go big and get a new style! Here is a post with gorgeous bangs that might inspire you or a post on short hairstyles that’ll make you want to cut your hair off!

Hair has such an impact on how we feel about ourselves, so schedule some time this year to do something you love with your hair.

5. Feng Shui Your Home:

The principle of Feng Shui is simpler than it sounds – it’s all about setting up your home in a way that allows good energy to flow.

I don’t know about you – but I am ALL ABOUT GOOD ENERGY.

Who knows if it actually works, but I say, if it makes you feel better, then do it. Personally, I like a lot of the ideas and they vibe with my decorating style, so it works for me.

I 100% find that when the environment around me is clean and mostly free of clutter, I can think and breathe so much clearer.

Check out my fun post on the 10 ways to use Feng Shui to bring good energy into your home.

self care

6. Get Better Sleep:

There are seasons of life when a good night’s sleep seems like a dream. I feel you.

Since I do struggle with insomnia – even when there are no obvious reasons why I shouldn’t be sleeping – I have figured out some natural remedies that do help.

Sleep is a critically important part of our health and has an impact on so many other aspects of our lives.

In fact, here are some facts on sleep that might surprise you:

  • Sleep deprivation will kill you faster than food deprivation.
  • Humans are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep.
  • High earners get the best sleep.
  • Regular exercise makes it easier to fall asleep and you sleep better.
  • Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise.

There are seasons in life when you are able to sleep more, or most live on less, but you can always aim for quality with however many hours you have to sleep.

Take the time this year to schedule sleep and try out different ways to help you relax, decompress, and get some zzz’s.

Feel free to check out my post on the 5 natural remedies for getting a good night’s sleep that work for me.

7. Experiment with Beauty Products:

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I love trying new beauty products.

But, even I can get stuck in a rut with my beauty routine. I’ll find myself just doing the same makeup every time, or styling my hair the same, or reaching for the same products – even if I have a drawer full of products I’m not using.

Playing around with our style is one of the ways we can shake things up and feel beautiful, even if chasing kiddos in the living room.

Beauty and makeup are just for fun, so check out some new beauty or makeup books or sign up for one of my 5 favorite beauty box subscriptions.

Two of my most popular posts are on my favorite makeup books and beauty books. Random, right?

Time time to do more of what makes you feel good about yourself.

8. Plan Some Cheap Date Nights:

If you have a special someone, are you in the zone out to TV rut?

It might be time to try something new that won’t cost a fortune or even require a babysitter.

Problem solved. I wrote a post on 25 Easy At Home Date Night Ideas.

With 25 fun, easy activities you can do at home, you can make a list of the ones you’d like to try and start checking them off this year.

Because when your relationship is on point, you’ll feel better, too.

9. Start Meal Prepping: 

Maybe it’s just us, but the constant need to create new meals is just exhausting.

Enter: meal prepping.

The easy way to batch your meals, so you can save time, money, and energy for other things you actually enjoy doing.

I wrote a post with my favorite meal prep recipes, but you can find so many online, too.

There’s been a lot written already online about the value of meal prepping and how it can really reduce that daily rush and grind to get food on the table.

I hope to be more intentional each week and do some meal prepping.

10. Consider Outsourcing: 

Is there a task you just hate doing? Is it too stressful to eat at restaurants with littles, but you miss certain foods? Do you need help with things around the house, but don’t know who to call? How about your pets – would it take a load off to have someone walk those dogs for you?

Your phone is a treasure trove for easy, affordable outsourcing.

Plus, you can even apply to work for some of these outsourcing companies, like DoorDash, Uber, Wag and more, to make some extra money when you have the time!

I still love the post I wrote on the the 14 Best Phone Apps to Save Time, Money & Stress.

Check it out if you are looking to streamline your schedule and outsource tasks you just can’t or don’t want to do anymore.

Why do it all – if you don’t have to? Sometimes the bravest act of self-care is giving yourself permission to outsource something and give yourself a break.


You know what’s really fun about this post? It’s kind of a memory walk through many of my favorite and most popular posts of the year.

I love sharing easy ways to improve our quality of life.

I hope some of these posts resonated with you and have given you some new ways to think about taking care of yourself in the new year.

I know for me, one of my big goals is to practice more mindfulness and start a new morning routine that is said to transform your day! Read more about it here.

What does your resolution list or intentions for the new year look like? Share them with us in the comments below!

Have a fabulous day,


self care



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